Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Good intentions

OK, so I've had good intentions of blogging during the summer. It just hasn't happened. Some days I can't even get time on my own computer, as the kids are using it. They like mine because of the big screen, and it's new. So, while I get a chance, I'll blog. It's only 11:45pm, but I'm still awake. Russ is on a business trip to Switzerland, and I"m home with all 4 kids. He's never been to Europe, so it's a nice chance to see a different part of the world ~ even if he only gets one day to do some sightseeing.

I've done some sewing this week. I took some ticking, aged it with walnut ink, and added some wool applique. I'm not sure how I"ll finish this piece~ either a pillow or frame it. I also think it needs something, but I"m not sure what they something is. So, it will sit on my partially finished pile and I"ll wait to figure out what that something is.

I finally finished this punch needle piece by adhering it to a hornbook. I added an aged tag, and a string of buttons. I'm hoping to get this listed on Ebay this week. Russ took my camera, so I'm borrowing Rachel's. It's still a Canon Powershot, but it's different than mine. It just takes a while to figure out settings, and it uploads differently to my computer. So, it will take longer to get the listings ready.

Another partially finished project is a set of bird wool applique. I'm using a homespun backing to add some interest/variation to the pieces. I'm thinking these will be pillows, and sold in a set of two. I love wool for a background, but it gets pricey. So, I'm trying to combine textures and keep the price down.

Aren't these cute! I like how they are done on the point.

I've been wanting to experiment making a necklace for Rachel. (inspired by my cousin who makes really nice hand stamped jewelry ~ check out Bella Michele Jewelry) I had a gold tiny charm necklace that I wore in high school. It had the school penant in school colors. I also had a charm with the graduation year. I ordered a cheap metal stamp set and experimented on some nickel discs. I do have to say that stamping on the nickel is hard. It's a bit thicker (20 gauge). It didn't take the marker well to age the lettering either. But it was cheap and something to experiment on. This one has the school mascot.

This one is also cheap nickel, with the school initials and Rachel's graduation year. I want to add beads with school colors to each. (ok, when I do them with silver instead of nickel)

I was at Hobby Lobby, and found a mini 3/4" finished blank sterling silver disc for 50% off. So, I bought it and tried stamping on silver. Much easier to do. Since the disc is small, I only went for school initials. I added a couple beads in dark sapphire and crystal. I think I need to try the white opal color instead of clear for more contrast. But, she has a necklace until I get larger discs. I'm thinking that these might make great gifts for some of her friends. I'm even thinking that I could stamp some copper to attach to my other crafts.

It's now past midnight, so I'll leave some other photos for a post tomorrow. It has to do with my kitchen and some work that needs to be done.


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