Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I started getting out some of my Christmas decorations. These adorable gingerbreadmen are a new addition for me this year. I found them at a garage sale this past summer. I think I paid a whopping $1.50 for the entire set! The person was downsizing and getting rid of all her craft items/supplies. I really didn't need any of the supplies, but was happy to take these.

I've been hooking on my rug the past few days. I have everything but the background done. I still want to get a more muted blue for the flowers, but will need to decide on where to get the background wool. I'm thinking of an antique black background. I want lots of different variations in it. I'm thinking several different textures/plaids all overdyed the same black. I don't know of anyone who would carry 5 different textures. I've found a couple sellers that sell 3 textures, but I'm not sure if that's enough variation. Anyone have any suggestions for sellers? Something that has black, tan, and hints of possibly green? I'll end up using the wool to bind the edges, too. That way it's guaranteed to match the background.

It's been back to school/work for me after having last week off. I do have to say it's nice going back to a job I enjoy. I really enjoy working with the kids, and we have a great class this year. It's low pay, but the hours are good and it's close to home. =)

~*~ Laura ~*~

Friday, November 25, 2011

Not a Creature Was Stirring, Not Even a Mouse

I just finished a whole bunch of these mouse ornies! Photos don't do them justice, as they are much cuter in person. I might be listing some on Ebay soon, so I'll keep you posted. Now that this project is completed, it's back to the rug I've been working on.

For Thanksgiving, our family went to my parent's for dinner. Today, I stayed home from shopping. (with the exception of a trip to Ace Hardware) I didn't want to deal with crowds and getting up at the crack of dawn. I guess there wasn't anything that I saw on the ads that made me want to deal with the Black Friday chaos.

This past week has flown by too quickly. But, only 3 more weeks of school until I get 2 weeks off for Christmas. I now need to take down the fall decorations, and start putting up the Christmas ones. Guess that's my project for the remainder of the weekend.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

~*~ Laura ~*~

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Turkey Time!

I just finished punching this turkey for Thanksgiving! I love this pattern, as it has SO many different shades of orange in it. The person I'm making this for wanted the date changed, so I used this year, instead of an older date. I just need to paint the hornbook and mail it off to her.

My next big project is going to be a bunch of mouse ornies from this pattern from Country Stitches. I always like to make one, and then see how I want to change the materials. Since I don't have any wool roving, I'm already thinking of using some of that fakey wool stuff. This will keep me busy this week.

I don't have work this week, as it's parent teacher conferences. Aides don't go to them, so I'm off. It means no $, but I'll like the extra time to get these projects completed. Plus, I have to start my Christmas shopping list. I'm really behind, as I was battling colds for the past several weeks. (gotta love working with germy kids!)

I had a neighbor drop off some wool fabric today. It was left over from her neighbor's garage sale, and they knew I'm into wool lately. I'm not sure if all of it is 80-100% wool, but it looks like a couple pieces are. I'll have to wash and dry it to see how it washes up. For free, it's worth a try!

~*~ Laura ~*~