Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sneak Preview

Before I show you the sneak preview of my latest punch project, I have to show off my new kitchen ceiling fan. This new one is a low profile, so it's a tad bit closer to the ceiling than the old one. It's also a few inches smaller in diameter, so it makes the room appear a bit taller and bigger. Russ and Matt installed it last night before it got too dark to see. I love the dark metal on it, too. That will eventually lead to new hinges and handles on the cabinets. But first, I'll have to wait for a paint chart to arrive in the mail. I requested one from a store that carries Olde Century paint. It's an hour drive from here, so I wasn't keen on driving, just to pick up a sample. I want to see it in the kitchen, and compare it to the living room wing chair and window treatment.

Ok, my newest punch project will be mounted on a hornbook that's drying. I cut, sanded, painted, and used some gel stain on it.

This is the snowangel that will be mounted on it. I added a small tan border, then a larger black border to frame it. I always like to use some handmade cording to edge the sides so that the white weavers cloth doesn't show. On a hot, humid summer day, a snowman sure looks welcome!

I've added things like a string of buttons or an aged hang tag to other projects. This one I'm going to add a mini aged brass tag that I hand stamped. I need to get a better photo, but it's an aged brown color. The silver ring and mini charm contrast to the brass. I'll have to play around with what else to put on this string ~ maybe some small buttons??

Tomorrow I have to work a couple hours for my phone job. I work sporadically for a marketing firm. It's not steady, but it's something I can do from home. Since I'm off for the summer from being a lunch supervisor at school, it's nice to pick up a few extra bucks during the summer. It's going to be another hot, humid day tomorrow, so I'll take James to the pool. It's fun to see all the kids from school there, too. :-)


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