Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Spring opener

It was sunny and warm - in the 40's today. A great day for the Cubs spring training opener. I tuned into the Pat and Ron Show on the radio while I was driving kids around. It's great to hear them again - a sure sign of spring. My Cubbies won - with a grand slam!

I found James a new winter coat at Sears after school today. He was able to pick one, and they were all on clearance. I think it will still fit him next year, too.

I started a new punchneedle tonight, but am figuring out colors as I go along.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Punchneedle and Postcards

While in the middle of a snowstorm on Saturday, I received a postcard from my Bible study leader. Receiving a postcard is nice, but it's not nice when it's from Hawaii. But, we'll get warmer weather - sometime.

This is a punchneedle I just finished into a pillow. It's from a freebie graphic from Primitive Bettys. I sewed the finished punchneedle onto some wool felt, then button hole stitched it onto some homespun. The felt is more cranberry than the photo shows. I think I might do some more punching later this week.

Tonight we're off to James' music program at school.

Friday, February 20, 2009

New chair cushions!

It arrived today! These are my new seat cushions. Ok, it's just the high density foam with dacron. I will need to cut the boards now, then assemble. No big hurry since we can't use the deck for a while. It's going to snow.

Today was my first day as ice cream cashier. It was, well, interesting. I hadn't been to this school before. Had no training. Just showed up, and was pointed to the ice cream freezer and a sign with the prices. I collected money from the kids. Some didn't bring enough money for what they wanted, then I ran out of the cheaper juice bars. So a few kids weren't able to purchase anything since they didn't have enough money. The next school on Monday runs things differently. I don't handle the money at this school, just let the kids choose depending on how much money they brought in. We'll see how long I last in this job! I'll keep my eyes open for other opportunities. If I really hate the job, I can always go back to the childcare jobs.

Now to wait for the snow.... *******

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Horrors!! Yep, Andrew was forced to get a haircut tonight. It was only 3 months since his last haircut, so it was time. I was threatening to get some really "cute" girlish hair clips if he didn't get it cut!

I did some childcare for MOPS this morning. Had a long commute to get there with the icy roads. I saw one vehicle sitting in a ditch, almost missing the pond. The only thing saving it from going into the water was a bunch of tree branches that had fallen over in a wooded area. At least the roads were clear on the way home, just in time for yet another storm coming Friday and Saturday.

Tomorrow I start my new job as ice cream cashier. Hopefully I'll like it!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Houses and snow

It just started snowing again late this afternoon. Yuck. I'm ready for spring.

Today was the last day off school for the kids. Rachel and Andrew went to friend's houses. I took Matt and James out for ice cream on a cold day. Tonight is Cub Scouts at our house - time for ear plugs.

The house in back of us is up for sale. It's a nice 4 BR/2BA house - all updated. Now if my friend, Cathy, will buy it and move in.....

Friday, February 13, 2009

A visit from the President

At James' Cub Scout meeting tonight, there was a visit from the President. Ok, the 16th President. They had actors reinacting Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln. James really thought this was cool, since we've been to the Lincoln house and Lincoln Presidential Museum in Springfield.

This morning, James and I went to the dentist to get our teeth cleaned. I finally scheduled an appointment for an onlay/crown (possibly two). The good news is that they just became in network for our dental insurance! That means the fees will be reasonable and customary.

This weekend I'm going to order my birthday present - cushions for the deck chairs. Now to wait for the warmer weather, instead of snow tonight.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Resale find and jobs

I found this cute little board at a resale shop this morning. I was out browsing to get inspired for crafts. It's slow on Ebay, and am looking to create something different. I'm thinking sand, stain, paint and grubby the board and use it either as a candle board, or to mount a punch needle. I could even use some chalkboard paint and put a chalkboard under the punch needle. For 79 cents, I can't go wrong.

Starting the end of next week, I'll be the ice cream cashier at the schools. It's 3 days a week, and a whopping 6.75 hrs per week, but its a permanent job. It still leaves me with Wednesdays open for my Bible study, and Thursdays for childcare at MOPS. I do have to quit 2 other childcare jobs to take the cashier job, but it goes until Memorial Day, where the childcare is done usually at the end of April/first week in May. The new job would give me an extra month's wages.

Last night we went to Noodles and Co. for dinner for my birthday. (it was James' choice). Then came home and watched Idol. I have several favorites already: Scott MacIntyre, Anoop Desai, and Danny Gokey. We'll see how they do on their first round next week.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Quilt butterfly bowl fillers

I started these quilt butterfly bowl fillers. The fabric stiffener has finally dried, so now I need to finish them up. I'm ready for spring!

Since it was warm today, I've been looking at the moldy cushions that I still need to re-do. Last fall I purchased some new outdoor fabric for the deck chairs. I still need to order some high density foam for 8 seat cushions, which is pricey. But the good stuff will last a long time. I cut one of the old cushions, and saw how much they had faded! Then to cut more new boards for the bottom of the chairs and staple the the fabric on.

Since the snow is almost melted, it was time to use the grill for dinner! Tomorrow, it's going to be 60 degrees!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Busy week

It's been a busy week for me. I had all my childcare jobs this week (Tues, Thurs, Friday), plus have had my marketing job to keep my busy. Also had my Bible study, and meals ministry.

Today Matt went to a dentist office for Scouts. They made mouth guards and impressions of teeth for a merit badge. Too bad they didn't include some free braces! :) James had a Scout trip to Home Depot to work on a project.

My project today was to finish our tax returns. Done and sent in. Now to wait for the refunds..... (and hope I didn't goof anything up!)

I received a phone call from one of Rachel's teachers on Friday afternoon. This time it was good news - she passed one of the quizes with an A - somthing that she's had difficulty with the entire year! She earned her reward this week with a trip to the store to pick out candy. I also sent in her summer camp registration. Her friend a block over is going to go to camp, too.

Off to check if dinner is ready..