Monday, July 12, 2010

Listings, listing, and more listings!

I've spent the entire afternoon doing some Ebay listings. I figured why not, as it's the last day to list items for no charge. I've gotten more hits in a couple days than I had for an entire week back in the spring. Seems like spring is slower for sales, but it picks up after the 4th of July. I've added the wool applique pillows that I completed the other evening.

I also have a couple candle mats, and hope to get the listings done for a couple more. I ran into a snafu when the lisitng photo wouldn't upload. So, it's time to take a break. (ok, it's really time to get some dinner made)

I started another punch needle, and am doing some snowmen. I love doing Christmas in July! I used some overdyed floss for the background on this, for a very subtle shading. It really blends well between the blue and the tan.

Last night it rained SO hard, it was difficult to even see across the street. The street was flooded, as all the water couldn't go down the storm drain quick enough. Luckily, it didn't last long to do any flooding. The sun even came out later. :-)

On Sunday, I purchased a new ceiling fan for the kitchen. I went into Menards to buy the Sunday paper (it's 1/2 price there, so I can buy 2 for the coupon inserts). I saw that the fan was on sale, so I grabbed it. Now to get someone to install it and do a few other projects.

In other news, Matt got his lower braces on this morning. He's not complaining yet, so that's a good sign. He's really anxious to get his teeth straightened, and looking good. I'm anxious to get the payments over, so I can start on the next one that needs work!

Time to get some dinner ~ something soft for Matt.

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