Sunday, April 8, 2012


Happy Easter to all! Although my kids are too old for an egg hunt, they aren't too old for a basket with candy (and a bit of $$). My husband wanted dark chocolate, so the Easter bunny left some Giradelli dark chocolate for him. (and a bit for me, too!) We went to church, and had dinner with the family.

My new rug is in the kitchen, and being used. I'll admit, my kitchen floor is really ugly, so I'll do anything to cover it up. I do kinda know what I would like to replace it with, but it's still too expensive. I've seen some vinyl plank flooring (like Allure at Home Depot). Vinyl would be great in the kitchen,as I wouldn't have to worry about spills. But that project would include a new sub floor, and I'm not ready to tackle that.

I worked a bit more on the spring runner. Don't know why I try to take photos at night, when the light isn't good. I like how the charcoal reversible stripe wool hooks. It gives a really nice shading.

I also started, and almost finished) a small mat. I'm debating selling it on Ebay once it's finished. I haven't sold anything in quite a while. I'm confident in my hooked pieces now, so selling some smaller pieces might be fun.

The excitement around here this week was having a raccoon in the garage. After 2 nights of hearing loud noises, and then finding paw prints on the cars in the morning, we finally got it out. I think it roamed into the garage after dark, when the door was left open til later in the evening. The coon couldn't find it's way out, so it sure tried. My hubby panicked and wanted to call an animal removal company. I wanted to try myself, so I left the garage door open, turned on the garage lights, and waited. It worked! We do have a trap set up inside the garage, just in case. But, it's been nice and quiet for the past couple evenings. Yipee!

It's back to school this week, but counting the days until the end of the school year.

~*~ Laura ~*~