Friday, November 23, 2012

Wool ornies for sale

I have 6 extra wool applique ornaments that I'm willing to sell. They are 100% wool  fabric that has been hand stitched. The top cuff is wool roving that has been stitched down. Each mitten is stuffed with and has a couple sprigs of green and a couple ice branches.

 Each ornie is $5, plus shipping. I will put each in a cello bag with a ribbon ~ ready for gift giving! Just drop me an email with how many you would like (1 - 6). Shipping is based on weight (can do parcel post, Priority, or first class). My email is    All are now sold!!!!

I just finished an entire order of the mittens~ now to get them to the post office this afternoon.

While I was out shopping this week, I found this wonderful Pendleton wool skirt! It is SOOO soft. Can't wait to see what I do with it! Wish I could find more good resale wool, but it's hard to find. I've learned how to pick the good stuff, and leave the gaberdine, and thinner wools that won't work as well for rugs or applique.

We're heading downstate tomorrow for the state football finals. I get to watch the marching band perform at half time. It's sure going to be cold - only 39 degrees for a high. But, the band only gets this chance once! Go Trojans!

~*~ Laura ~*~

Sunday, November 11, 2012


Last weekend, the squirrels were successful in chewing our pumpkin. I woke up and found a huge hole in the pumpkin. Plus, all the insides were eaten (and some left on the doorstep). They haven't touched the smaller pie pumpkins, so at least I still have those.

I've been busy stitching some ornies for an order. I have a bunch mostly stitched, and another batch to start. I think that will keep me busy during the evenings this week. My goal is to finish them by Thanksgiving. I'm still debating on what to put inside the mitten. Some greenery, cinnamon stick, ice branches, or something else? I'll think about that as I sew. At least the dyeing, and cutting and wonder under is all done. I have some new black pearl cotton, so I'm set to go.

Yet another football game yesterday. Our team keep winning! Matt is here in the marching band. He gets this week off, as it's an away game next weekend. After that, it's the state championships. The band gets to go for half time. That means we'll drive the 3 1/2 hours downstate to watch!  (assuming we win next week)  (for those observant people, yes, it's barbed wire in the photo. I've been standing outside the field rather than in the bleachers. It's a great view of the game from the end zone. Plus, no people trying to get out from their seats tripping over those that are sitting in the bleachers. Yesterday, there was quite a crowd watching from my favorite spot)

One more week, then I get Thanksgiving week off of school. I wonder how pumped the kids will be this week? If we get some snow flurries, that sure will spark some excitement!

~*~ Laura ~*~