Monday, July 12, 2010

Frogs and snowblowers

Sorry dinner was late. There was a frog stuck in the snowblower! Literally. You can't make this stuff up. Andrew and his friend were in the garage after fishing. They were trying to remove a fishing hook from a big bull frog. The garage door was closed, to keep it from hopping away. Well... the frog hopped , and found a very small crevice in the snowblower hopped in. He wouldn't come out.

We had to remove the cover of the snow blower to get him out. But, at least he's out, and back at the pond ~ without a fishing hook. And without the snow blower. Here he is after his removal. Kinda cute, huh?
For those that want to watch a video of the removal process, here it is:

I'm finally done with listing on Ebay. Way too many hours spent uploading and editing photos. I'm hoping for some sales this week, and tried to keep the prices low. Keeping my fingers crossed! :-)

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