Saturday, March 2, 2013

What I've been up to

 What have I been up to? Well, I've been slowly working on my newest rug. I started the leaves first. I'm not sure that I like them, especially the bottom ones. A little too zig zaggy for me. I might try to round them more like the upper left one. Of course, the flash seems to really hi-light the colors, as they aren't this bright. I'll keep working on it, get to a few more sections, as see how I like it. At least it's easy to re-hook.

Last weekend I had the honor or attending a  harpsicord recital. He was nominated for a Grammy for his latest CD this year. I went to school from kindergarten through high school with him. It's fun to see where life leads others.

My life will be taking a different direction this week. Two weeks ago I received a job offer. I'll be working full time, as in 40 hours a week. (something I haven't done in 18 years) I, sadly, had to put my notice in at school. Friday was my last day. I start my new job as a customer service representative on Monday. I hope I like it and can quickly learn a new business. I'm also happy that I get to leave the kids at school with a new aide that I recommended, and was just hired.

I'm wondering if I'll be able to do any crafting during lunch time. I'll get an hour for lunch at the new job. It's right by the mall, which can be dangerous. But, I might be able to relax and stitch something. I'll have to look for a small, quiet project to put in my purse this week. I know punch needle could drive others crazy with the sound, and rug hooking is too big to bring along. Maybe some cross stitch or a penny rug? Hmmmm... I'll have to search through my piles of supplies to see what I have!

~*~ Laura ~*~