Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Work in progress

I still need to complete my penny rug - just need some more time. The felt is a wool blend, and it's easy to work with . The thread that came with the kit is a DMC pearl cotton size 5. I'm wondering how it would look with size 8, especially around the smaller pieces on the bird and stem. The directions on the kit have the main square edges turned under and whip stitched to the back. Once I finish the edge pieces, I'm thinking of button hole stitching the front and back for added interest. Then to decide on the next project and order some wool felt! :)

This is the shelf I purchased at the thrift store. It fits over the entire doorway, and had plenty of pegs to hang things. I got some black spray paint and will finish it this week or weekend.

Here's where the shelf will go:
Right over the doorway leading into the kitchen. It's a tall wall and is very plain right now but not for long. I changed the wreath to a plain grapevine that I had sitting in storage. I would like some berry or green leaf, but not big hurry to get that. When I find the right thing (without spending a fortune) I'll grab it.

I've been able to get some yard work done in between the downpours. I've been splitting mums and the mini day lillies. Next week we're having someone come and aerate and de-thatch the lawn. It really needs some help. Then to seed and patch the bare spots. I'm thinking some green spray paint over the entire lawn might be easier! :)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

New Ebay listings

I finally finished a few items to list onto Ebay tonight. A couple prim stitchery candle mats and a punch needle pinkeep. I started the new penny rug kit I ordered. I still need to get some photos - maybe later in the week

I went back to the one resale store and bought a long shelf for the living room. It has lots of pegs underneath the
shelf to hang baskets, etc. I'll paint it black, and then start making some goodies for the shelf and pegs.

This week should be much less hectic, as the jr high spring musical is finished. Russ and I went to see it last evening. Matt was on tech crew and Rachel on production crew. Afterwards we went (ok, invaded) with many other people to the local Dairy Queen.

I'm hoping to get some yard work done this week. The rain stopped me yesterday, and today. I want to transplant some ground cover to another area, add a few bushes and perennials to the front yard. Seems like everything I plant in the front dies. Now that the one tree is gone from the front, the area will get more sun to help the plants grow.

Have a great week!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thrift finds!

After cleaning this morning, I went to a few thrift shops to browse. I went to one I hadn't been to and saw a shelf. I didn't buy it, but am thinking about it for the living room, above the doorway leading into the kitchen. It would be great painted and sanded. I then went to my favorite resale/antique shop and found this grater. I want to use it for a punch needle project. I need to find one that's vertical and size it for the grater.

I then went to another junky resale store and found these wood bowls. They have a nice bottom edge, and will be perfect for painting. The bowls are small, maybe about 6 inches across.

I also found this hideous cow board for 25 cents. No, the cow won't be staying, but will be sanded, stained, painted, and used to display a punch needle. I just loved the worn edges and the cracks in the wood.

I purchased some Distress It this week - the normal strength. It also comes in light and extreme. I thought I would start in the middle and see what happens. I tried it on the bird punch.
I even used it on the peacock, but just a hint of Distress It.
I finished punching my first 6 strand project (I have only done 3 strand or Valandi). I had originally wanted to do a darker background, but had a ton of light blue DMC floss ( from a REALLY old cross stitch kit years ago). I used it and was happy with the result.

Tomorrow is going to be 80 degrees!! I wish I could play hooky from working at school at lunch, as this will be the first really warm day of the year. But I'll keep the job, as they are hard to find.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Helpful storage hint

I checked a punch needle book out from the library, and came across this helpful hint. To help keep track of your needle threader, take a piece of magnetic adhesive strip, and adhere it to the top of your storage box. I've heard others say to use a magnet, but having it attached to the top of the box keeps it from getting lost. I've also started putting and extra sewing needle there.

I started working on a bird and pear punch needle project. The background will be a light blue. I'm going to experiment and try using some Distress It (if I can get to the local stitchery store) since I"m using DMC floss for this one.

Saturday was a gorgeous day! Of course James had his ideas. It's fishing time again. We went to the local pond, but didn't catch anything. He likes to catch and release. Here's a picture he made by using Tux Paint, a computer program.

Today was raining all day, so no spreading mulch. Rachel wanted to see the new Hannah Montana movie, so I took her for an afternoon show after church. I might get some crafting done tonight, as there's no Cubs game. They are in first place, and hopefully will stay there until October!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Catching up

I ended up changing the snowman that I started. I liked the wavy border on paper, but when color was added, I didn't like it at all. (maybe I should color the pictures before punching to get an idea of the look). I ended up ripped out some punches, and making it more of a blue background. The ends of the scarf at longer punches, which I cut into fringe. I'll add this one to my pile of "need to finish", once I decide how to finish this one. I'm done with snow for the year, so this one might sit a while! :)

Tonight was the fun fair at James' school. Matt and I did the popcorn booth for the first half of the evening. At least the weather was great, so a few games were able to be outside.

It's been a busy week in between Easter last weekend, working, errands, and doctor/dentist appointments. It didn't leave much time for blogging, or doing crafts. I really want to learn how to make penny rugs from wool felt. I've been searching for patterns, and supplies. I haven't ordered anything yet. I'm not sure how I will like working with wool, and if it will effect my skin. One of my ideas is a table runner for my dining room table. Maybe just a basic black background with lots of pennies sewn on. I also saw some cute candle mat patterns for Christmas (have to think ahead).

Tomorrow Russ, Andrew and Matt are delivering mulch for Boy Scouts. It's the annual mulch sale for the troop. I ordered a bunch of bags so I don't have to make a few trips to the store and get the van all dirty. Last year they delivered in the rain, but tomorrow is going to be 72 degrees - perfect! The boys don't like selling, but they enjoy the delivery. (I can already tell that they would not enjoy marketing for careers.)

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Works in progress...

I started punching one of my designs. The photo is a little dark, but the sky is navy. I still have to complete the border, but am debating on what color. It's always fun to see a black and white drawing come to life!

This past weekend, I finished punch the peacock. It's a beautiful shade of turquoise. Now to decide how to finish, a pinkeep, or mounted on an aged board?

On Sunday, it was another snowfall. At least it didn't stick to the driveway, so no shoveling! Yipee! The front burning bushes are all set for Easter.
I'm thinking of adding some grapevine garland around the top of the screened deck. I would also like to add some pip berries, but don't think they would hold up outdoors. Some plastic/PVC greenery would look too fake, so I'm not sure what to use. Any suggestions?

James' artwork was chosen to be in the school district Spring Art Show at the library. He was SO excited to be chosen. It's also something that Andrew, Matt and Rachel weren't chosen for, so it's something special for him.

I spent the morning putting together some Easter baskets. I still need to get some other goodies to put in them, but at least I've started.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Peacocks and Patterns

Last week I started on a punch needle peacock. but haven't touch it this week. The peacock theme started with a cross stitch, then I found a beautiful shade of turquoise Valdani that was perfect for a peacock punch needle. I remembered that Primitive Betty's had a peacock drawing, so I drew that up on weaver's cloth and started punching. .

This morning, I started drawing some patterns for snowmen punch needle. I've had enough winter and snow until next year, so don't ask why I'm drawing snowmen! :) I"ll add these to the pile of ideas I have to make. I can't scan them in, as we don't have a scanner or color printer. We really need to get one (plus a new computer). That will have to wait, as my money will be going to the dentist. A week after having an onlay done, another tooth chipped off, and it's sharp. Guess I'm heading to get another onlay or crown.

Have a wonderful weekend!