Friday, July 23, 2010

Kitchen make over ~ plan "C"

Ok, so I started the cabinets with the tuscan russet paint. After a couple days staring at it, I couldn't live with the gloss. I previously had the cabinets painted in a semi gloss, but it was about 1/2 the shine as the new paint. So, plan "A" failed.

On to plan "B". I got a sample of another color in eggshell. It was the closest in color in the sample size. I really was looking for a dark color in a different sheen to see how I like it. Liked it without the shine, but not the color.

On to plan "C". I went and got a quart of Benjamin Moore red paint. Ok, the color said red, but it was a pre-mixed color made to go over wood/metal. It's an outdoor redwood furniture red. Very close to the other color in the paint chart, but just slightly less red. It has a slight brown tinge to it in comparison. Here's a sneak peak at the doors with just one coat.

Please don't notice the ugly floor. It's a "lovely" gold floor. But, getting a new floor isn't an option right now. It would involve getting a new subfloor, as it's warped. Plus, it already has a second floor under the gold. The one under is a pea green and white pattern. Yep, I live in a 1970's house! But, when we moved here 10 years ago, houses were hard to grab. We wanted the space, especially for bedrooms. We took the outdated kitchen, and all the lovely wallpaper that was on the walls.

The reason I've had such a difficult time determining colors, is that I wanted it to coordinate with our living room chair and patio door window treatment. The chair is more of a salmon color, and the swag is more of a brick red.

I really like the way this paint is going on. It has a self primer, so no need to prime. I think the color blends better with the living room, too. The sheen on it is perfect. Plan "C' is a success! I can't wait to start the rest of the kitchen tomorrow!

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