Monday, July 26, 2010

Break Time!

Yesterday was break time from painting the cabinets. I decided to start a punch project that I had drawn out a while ago. This is a design that was inspired by a Santa punch that I did last year.

For the background, I though the light blue overdyed floss was a bit too light. I didn't have much darker blue floss, so I took 4 skeins of light, and put it with some navy dye. I only put it in the dye for less than a minute, but just enough to give it a bit more color. Since the floss already had light blue and tan, it gave it 3 colors once it dried. More of a blue/grey. The best thing about dying floss, is that you can always dye it darker if you don't like the results. I now need to decide on the outer border color. I did a test with brown, but didn't like it. Maybe black?

Here's another section of the kitchen. The entire lower half is done! I started working on the next section of the upper cabinets today. I"ll be able to put them up tomorrow. Then start on the last 4 doors - if I don't run out of paint! I only bought a quart, but could use another pint. I'll wait until I"m totally out of paint before I run out and get more. Then it will be to paint the walls.

On Friday, Rachel came home from camp. She really wanted her photo taken! I"m sure I'll get in trouble for posting this, but that's what moms are for. :-)

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