Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter!

The Easter baskets are filled and ready for tomorrow. My teens think they are too old (ok, 2 older boys think they are too old) for Easter baskets. My daughter doesn't think she's too old, and will take any candy. My 10 year old has a huge list of everything he wants in his basket (hope he isn't disappointed). My kids decided that the fake grass that I use to put in the bottom of the baskets was too messy, and didn't want it this year. So, just plain buckets so they can get to the candy ~ and quickly! I have a feeling that it will be their breakfast before church tomorrow morning.

Yesterday the kids were off school, so that meant I had the day off work, too. I worked on another rug (just like the last one). I started it on Wednesday evening at a local quilt shop. There was a rug hooking class, and I went just to sit in (I had already taken the class). There aren't any hooking groups around here, but it's fun to see what others are making. I switched the wool on the house on my project. It looks really spotted in the photo (from the flash), but it's a very light shading in the wool (not spots). It's easier doing the same project again. I'm just learning how to go around curves, fill in smaller spaces, and fill in shapes like stars. I'm doing this in hand cut 1/4" strips, so it's primitive. It might look/work up differently with narrower strips, but I do like the prim look when it's done.

Today was a bit of yard work. I started putting out all the mulch we had delivered from the Boy Scouts. Only a few more bags to go. The weather has been so cold and rainy, I haven't even wanted to be outside until today. It's sure better than the snow we had a week ago!

I hope you all have a joyous Easter!

~*~ Laura ~*~

Saturday, April 16, 2011

I finally finished!

I finally finished this cute little rug! I bound the edges with black yarn, and used a piece of black wool instead of twill tape for the back. I want to make another one to work on getting the loops even, and work on edges of color changes. With everything, it takes time to learn. It's so cold today, that working with wool sure sounds good! This afternoon it was snowing. Nothing like last Sunday, when it was in the 80's.

I started patching some holes in the upstairs bathroom ~ getting ready to paint that room next. I might have to take out a tile on the upstairs bathroom floor. It's not adhered to the floor, so it's causing the new grout to crack. Maybe an area rug might be an easier fix! =) For now, I'll wait for some caulk to dry so that I can move onto the next step of taping and priming.

~*~ Laura ~*~

Friday, April 8, 2011

Budget Bathroom Makeover

I'm finally able to post a few photos of my budget bathroom makeover. It's a small bathroom on our lower level. Because it's so small, it's hard to get photos. But I tried to take a few. This is the back wall (photo taken to reflect off the sink mirror). I have a simple peg rack that I painted white. It's behind the door, so it hides the towels, and there's just enough room so that the door doesn't hit the peg rack when it's opened.

I painted the walls light blue. The walls were originally off white, so it's a big change to see a color on the walls. (primer is left over from painting my parents bathroom. ceiling paint is left over, too. blue paint is Ace Royal at $25.99. There will be enough to paint the upstairs bath in the same color)I still need to take this old medicine cabinet off and spray paint it. The bottom is worn/rusty, but a coat of spray paint will fix it.
The new brushed nickel light fixture. Same wattage as the old hollywood light bar, but it's brighter. It was a whopping $29.87.

A new toilet seat with brushed nickel hinges for $17.88. We've previously purchased the cheap ones for $5-10, but they didn't last and looked horrible. I'm hoping the next level up will last a little longer. I already had the brushed nickel handles for the cabinets. I just needed paint. I did use a pricey Benjamin Moore for Metal and Wood for $25 a quart. I wanted something substantial since this room has a lot of moisture. (yes, it does have a new fan, but we have one teen who uses this room and hogs all the hot water!)

While painting the ceiling, I had to take down the vent cover. The old one was rusty. I could have spray painted it white, but on the back side, it had some stick on foam that had disintegrated and made it really gross. So, for $ 5.89, I got a new one. This over the toilet cabinet was a freebie from a neighbor who re-did their bathroom. A coat of white paint brightened it up and coordinates with the vanity. I even painted the dark brown baseboards white. I found the trick of caulking the gap between the baseboard and the wall to make a seamless "canvas" to paint. (do I even dare think about painting all the woodwork in the house white?)

I still need to get a new white countertop and faucet. I'll also have to look for a new kleenex box holder. My son, Matt, wants to install some new pure white electrical switches/wallplates. After we get the new counter/faucet, I plan in framing the mirror with some white trim. I'll also need a small something for the wall to decorate. It can't be a framed print (too much moisture), or anything that sticks too far out into the room. Maybe some type of wooden painting/sign?

So, for a little over $100 so far (and a lot of time), it looks like a new room. The biggest expense will be a new counter and faucet ~ the faucet being the most expensive item to purchase. Now to think about getting started on the upstairs bathroom....

Earlier this week, I caught another squirrel and relocated it. This was the one who was really determined to chew through the screens on our deck and build a nest. I haven't seen any more trying to get in, so I"m hoping that's all we have to catch.

It's suppose to warm up here in the Chicago area this weekend ~ I can't wait!

~*~ Laura ~*~