Saturday, June 25, 2011

Goodies from the Fair

Last night I finished this little cupboard hanger. I backed it with a piece of black wool, and stuffed it with snippets of wool. The front is lightly aged with walnut ink. I'll be listing this on Ebay on Sunday night. I started punching the other piece, but don't know if I'll finish it by tomorrow evening so that I can list them at the same time.

Today was a trip to the Folk Art and Fiber Fair at the Lake County Fairgrounds. I didn't take any classes, but I did go browse the vendor booths. There were a few booths with items for rug hooking and punch needle. I purchased this cute bird rug pattern. Still simple lines and small enough for more practice. I'm not sure what colors I'll hook it in, but I did buy some neutral beige/off white/oatmeal wool for a background.

Even if it's not used for this rug, I'm sure I'll use it for another one. If I'm using all 4 colors for a variegated background, do I have to "marry" them by simmering them in hot water? Or can I just use them as is? I'm thinking that if they were married, it would give a more blended look. Leaving them as is would offer more contrast.

There was a booth with lots of punch needle patterns and displays that was drawing quite a few questions from shoppers. I guess not too many are acquainted with punch needle, but I can see a growing interest.

I realized I've done a LOT of punching, as part of my Cameo punch needle broke last evening. Luckily, I was able to super glue it back together. I'll have to order another medium size needle in case the super glue doesn't hold. It also might be nice to have a new sharp needle.

~*~ Laura ~*~

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Back to punching

This week I started a punch needle project. It's an applique/quilt pattern that I adapted into a punch project. I need to add a border of cording, and backing. The punching went quickly, as I used my Morgan lap hoop. Without having to hold the hoop or set it against a table, even the "stitches" came out evenly and smoothly. I had several hours of sitting at home yesterday to to this project, as we had a plumber come out to install the new bathroom counter, faucets, and rod out main line.

I even drew up the next project. Another applique pattern of a saltbox house. This one would look great as a hooked rug, too.

I'm hoping I'm now more motivated to get some projects done. I'll have to be getting up early starting next week, as I'll be starting summer school. Went in for the meeting today, and I'll be a 1 on 1 aide for a boy in 5th grade. This is a whole new experience for me. It might give me a good idea if I would like being and aide during the regular school year, or if I should pursue something else.

This weekend I hope to go to the Folk Art and Fiber Fest at the Lake County Fairgrounds. Might be fun to browse around and see if there's any rug hooking supplies.

Have a good weekend!

~*~ Laura ~*~

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Now that summer is officially here, I got around to finishing the smaller penny rug. I really wanted the pattern for a larger penny rug, so I enlarged it on a copier, and added some extra length to the middle section. I need to get more green floss for the leaves, but it's another project that I started. =)
This is sitting in the middle of my living room, taking up all the extra space. It's a faucet and vanity top for our upstairs bathroom. There's a smaller bathroom downstairs that I still need to buy an extra faucet for, so that I can call someone to install them.
I finished binding the second little rug that I hooked. On this binding, I did something different. Instead of added cording and whip stitching, I simply turned under the edge, used a piece of black wood instead of cotton twill tape,and whip stitched together using strips of black wool. (I'm trying to upload a photo of the binding in progress, but blogger won't let me) I really like this edging for a small piece, as it's not bulky. It gets me inspired to do a few more projects!

Now to find the time for more projects. I end up driving the kids back and forth to drivers ed. Then at the end of June, I'll be a teacher's aide for summer school. It's a new experience for me, but I'm looking forward to it. (especially since I found out my youngest needs orthodontic work - soon. I already have 2 in braces currently) I'm hoping that this job experience will lead to something else when school begins.

Hope you're having a great summer!
~*~ Laura ~*~

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Now that the school year is winding down, I actually cut out my next project. It's a small wool applique table runner. I'll start with the normal pattern, then enlarge it to make a larger one for my dining room table.

Slave labor is still in fashion around here. If the kids want to drive, they have to wash the car. I'll have to inspect the wash job, but they have all summer to improve their washing skills!

This past weekend, we had a birthday party for James and my dad. I think both were happy with the gifts they received. James got some video games, just one Lego set, and computer game items. It will keep him busy once school is out.

My dad got some new shirts, and a new iHome. We'll have to see if he can figure out how to work the iHome, or if Matt needs to make a visit and show him again. (but it might require Matt's selection of music!)

Only 2 days left of work for me. I'm taking the last full school day as a personal day, so that I can take the teens to summer school for drivers ed. One more day of finals for the high schoolers, then they are officially out for summer! Let the count down begin!

~*~ Laura ~*~