Thursday, July 8, 2010


Why does everything break around the same time? First it was the dishwasher. The control panel broke, and it was only 3 years old. Got that fixed, and a recall with the dishwasher at the same time. I am glad that I finally have my dishwasher running again. With 6 of us, I hated doing dishes, and having all the dirty dishes cover the counter during the day. (I cover my kitchen counters with other stuff: purse, cell phone, coupons, and junk)

Then last week, the pull chain on the ceiling fan broke. Of course, it didn't break on the outside where the chain could be repaired. It broke on the inside. Off to buy a new light kit. After hitting several stores, I didn't find a light kit that would coordinate with the brass fan that had more than 2 light bulbs. I searched on line, and found the same light kit for a mere $60. That didn't include the glass, bulbs, etc. Only the brass kit. A new fan that I saw is only $79.99. The newer one that I saw is a low profile, so it would be closer to the ceiling. I think I like that idea. The kitchen originally had some extra cabinets, and a built in table that was a REALLY strange shape. We took that out, and gained extra floor space. Now that we walk under the fan, the few extra inches of clearance would be nice. Not that we are tall, but if we have guests that are tall, we'll look out for them.

The new fan (yet to be purchased - waiting to see if it will go on sale soon) has dark blades, and a black metal. That leads to changing the cabinets. The paint is chipped on the kitchen cabinets, and needs a new coat of paint. The blue came out lighter than I originally planned, so a change of colors is in order.

I've been staring at paint samples and looking at them in different light. I think I like the one on the right. It's a Behr paint that has the primer already in it - bonus! Some reds are too orange, some are too red. I'm just looking for a nice barn red. This sample coordinates with the living room chair and swag on the patio door. I would like to change the cabinet knobs, handles, and hinges, but that might wait until fall. I would like a new window treatment, as well as a can light about the sink. That 1970's light has to go! I need to find an electrician to do the work, so that's the next step. I'm just hoping that nothing else breaks for a while. :-)

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