Thursday, July 30, 2009

Work in progress ~ some cross stitch

I started some cross stitch for something different this week. I found a cute Christmas pattern from Primitive Betty's to stitch up. I finished aging it, now need to iron and turn it into a pillow. I'm thinking some rough edges to finish it.

I had checked out a craft book from the library, and found some patterns. I thought it would be quicker to stitch, but it took a bit longer than planned. I'm going to make a set of 3 bowl fillers for Christmas. I'm really liking the way these are turning out. I want to finish these by Sunday, so I can list them on Ebay.

Rachel came home today, after a camping trip for 2 nights with the youth group. They came home a couple hours early, since they woke up to rain - and tons of mud. We didn't get any rain here until dinner time. A storm blew just north of here. The tornado sirens went off a few towns over, but we missed anything big ~ just a few raindrops and VERY dark skies.

I'm hoping to win the necklace giveaway on my cousin, Michele's blog (a Houseful of Boys). You have until midnight to enter (but I think that's Pacific time). She HAS to pick me, as she's my ~*~ favorite ~*~ cousin! I'll find out tomorrow if I won!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Finished & listed on Ebay

I burned the midnight oil last night, and finished the Santa punch needle! It's still better in person, but I tried to get more photos out in the daylight. I usually don't do Santas, but I couldn't pass this one up. I just listed it on Ebay, along with a couple other punch needle pinkeeps. I also updated my selling blog with a snowman candle mat and snowman stitchery pillow.

My next projects will be a scarecrow punch needle, and a Christmas cross stitch. I have them out on the dining room table, and they are waiting for me to start them!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sneak preview!

Since I have a few Christmas items listed on Ebay, I thought I would continue the Christmas in July theme. I took a rug hooking pattern, and turned it into a punch needle pattern. This photo doesn't do it justice. The gold/tan background is very subtle. I punched it using 3 different shades, and combined them in different amount through out the background. The effect is is a very subtle shading and gives the piece some depth. The outside border is a warm brown, and gives it a warm tone. Now I have to decide how I'll finish this piece. I'm thinking a pinkeep, with a wool background. It measures 5 1/2" x 6". When I'm done, I'll list it on Ebay (though I might change my mind!). I'll have to get it in a different light and see how the photos turn out. Sometimes just taking it outside in the shade will get a better photo to what the colors actually are. Now to start planning the next project, now that I"m motivated!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Andrew go karting

Andrew wanted me to post this video of him go karting in Grand Lake. He combined 3 different video clips that I took. (and, of course, added his music to it) We keep telling the kids that triplets have to be 25 in order to drive, but they don't believe it.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New Ebay listings!

I just listed several new items on Ebay! I have 4 candle mats, plus a larger candle mat (the birdhouse shown above). I also listed an heirloom baby afghan. I almost have another afghan completed ~ only a couple more rows on the border to go. I was able to get a lot done on the drive to Colorado in the car. I also put some Christmas stocking on my selling blog ~ it's Christmas in July!

My Ebay listings have a new look. I am now using a template that was customized for me. It's taken a while to get the hang of it (it's a whole different process to add photos and descriptions), but I think it looks pretty good. All my listings will now have my storefront name on them ~ Appleberry Cottage. Go and take a peek!

Fun on Grand Lake

We took advantage of great weather, and the beautiful lake. We rented paddle boats and went out into the lake.A beautiful view of Mount Baldy from the middle of Grand Lake.

Andrew and Russ rented a kayak instead of paddle boats.

Andrew's favorite part of the trip was go karts. He's now asking for the keys to the car.....
We went back into RMNP during the evening. The elk are always easy to spot. We did see some moose, but didn't get any photos, as they went back into the brush quickly.

More vacation photos

We hiked to Adams Falls, which was on the far side of Grand Lake. It was a gorgeous hike. The falls were larger than I expected. This was Matt's favorite part of the trip ~ he likes waterfalls.

Beyond the falls is a meadow.

We went miniature golfing in town.

We stopped at the beach ~ the water is COLD! But it did have some sand to play in.
Took a hike and saw a deer.
This was the meadow past Adams Falls at sunset. We knew we would see some wildlife at dusk and we were right!

On the far side of the meadow was a bull moose!!! Just what we wanted to see. He saw us, so we didn't go any further. My camera is zoomed in all the way, so it's a little shaky. This might be the moose that ran some hikers up a tree and held them there for a half hour earlier in the week.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Up to the Alpine Center - RMNP

We drove up and up towards the Alpine Center in RMNP. We stopped at the Continental Divide at Milner Pass. Gotta love James in the photo!
We reached the top of the mountain, and the Alpine Center! Click on this photo to enlarge it. This photo is for my mom. It has the Old Fall River Road toward the left side. You can see a few cars driving on it. OFRR is a one way dirt road to the top. It gave her many pleasant dreams after driving on it! :)

The sun is SO bright up at the top.

Russ, Andrew and I were the only ones that wanted to hike to the top.

Andrew at the summit! We made it! The wind was VERY strong. I now appreciate the bumper sticker I saw that said, "Oxygen - it's over-rated".

Below is one of my favorite photos taken on the way down the climb. We saw lots of these yellow tundra flowers ~ very pretty.
Matt, Rachel and James stayed in the car on while we climbed up. That's the Alpine Visitor Center below. The road is the way to Estes Park. We turned right to go back to Grand Lake.
Another scenic spot on the way down. Do I mention that our brakes were smoking on the way down? :)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Rocky Mountain National Park

We drove into Rocky Mountain National Park. The road on the Grand Lake entrance was under construction, so some was gravel while they were re-paving the road. Some parts were down to one lane, and a pilot car would navigate a row of cars. When we went in the evening, the workers weren't there, so it was 2 lanes. We hiked in the valley that runs along the river.
Such green valleys and blue skies!

James liked climbing the big rocks.
We saw lots of elk ~ they were easy to spot every evening in the valley. Yes, the trees are brown and dead. The pine beetle has been destroying certain pine trees, so it changes the landscape. The beetles only eat a certain pine tree, and leave the rest. It's sad to see so many dead trees, but the forest is ever changing. The park ranger said it's allowing other plants to grow, that normally don't get as much sunlight. What will it look like in 50 years?
We drove further up the mountain. This is the valley from above. You can see the winding river. This isn't even close to the top of the mountain.

Grand Lake, Colorado

We had our vacation planned for Grand Lake, Colorado ~ just outside of Rocky Mountain National Park. We were slightly delayed on our trip, and had to drive from IL to MN for a funeral. We were walking distance from the Mall of America. Of course, James had to go to the Lego Store while we were there.
We then drove from directly from MN to Iowa to Nebraska to Colorado. The drive from Denver to Grand Lake is about 2 hours. It's on the west side of the mountains (Estes Park is the east side of Rocky Mountain National Park), so we drove through Denver, and up into the mountains.

We stayed in a cabin/house in Columbine Lake, about a mile or two from downtown Grand Lake. It's a small private lake with gravel roads. It's not a resort or hotel, but a housing/cabin community. No green grass here, just gravel and trees ~ very rustic ~ and very quiet. This is Rachel and James as we were walking the road around the lake.

This is the cabin I found on-line, the Aspen Glen. Sometimes photos and descriptions can be misleading, but not on this place! I think the photos on the rental website didn't do this place justice. It had enough space to spread out. It had 2 bedrooms upstairs, and a downstairs bunk room~ which had 2 sets of bunk beds, plus and extra tv. This way no one had to share beds, so all the kids were happy.

I'm back!

I'm back after being gone on vacation. I"ll have to sort through the photos and post some later. Here's the kids on the last day - it was cloudy that afternoon, but we had no rain while we were there. It was sunny skies and nice temps ~ great for moose hunting! :0)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I've been so unmotivated that I haven't finished any crafts. I did start several candle mats, but need to finish one more large stitchery mat, then do the finishing and backings. I'm hoping to get them done before vacation, so I can list them as soon as I get back.

Instead of crafting, I've been sorting and cleaning out. I made yet another trip to Goodwill last week to drop off stuff. I even sorted my crafting materials!

Andrew and Matt came home from Scout camp on Saturday. They were so tired, all they did was sleep for the past several days. The weather there was cold - only a high in the 60's for a few days. At least it warmed up a little for the last part of the week.

On Sunday, there was a Nascar display at the local grocery store. James went to have his photo taken. He loves playing his Nascar Wii game.
I need to start making a list of items to bring for vacation. At least we don't need to bring much clothing, as the cabin has a washer and dryer. We have our cameras set. I got a couple SD cards for Matt and Rachel. I got a roll of film for James. He wants to take photos, and we still have an old click and shoot 35mm camera that would be great for kids. I don't know if it's any better than one of those disposable cameras, but hopefully he'll get some good photos.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Afghans and Angels

I finished crocheting the baby afghan. I just need to hide all the loose ends, which doesn't take much time. I bought enough yarn to make another one, since it was on sale at Hobby Lobby this week. I've been using "I Love This Yarn" sportweight. I also like Bernat sportweight, but I think the Hob Lob brand doesn't shread as easily. Both are really soft, too. I've seen some cotton yarn that might be nice to work with, too.

I started another candle mat. (I'm using Matt's camera and his camera software, and haven't figured out how to rotate the image). I have another stack of candle mat stitcheries traced to work on in the next week. I learned one thing, don't take a stitchery to the pool. I use a water soluable marker to trace, and if it gets wet ~ it disappers! Not good at the pool.

I can't even think of the pool in the past several days. Last week it was SO hot (heat index over 100) and this week is freezing. It's only in the mid 60's ~ for a high. It's not what was forecasted when Andrew and Matt were packing for Boy Scout camp last weekend. We got a call last night to bring extra sweatshirts! Russ went to camp this morning until the end on Saturday, so he was able to bring the gear. Andrew was going to work on a water safety merit badge. I'm wondering if they did it this week with the weather. I sure don't need sick kids coming home. They'll only have a week to recover until we leave for vacation.

I finished a few hours of work this week for the marketing firm I do side work for. So, I have the next couple days here free with only 2 kids at home. It's nice and quiet :)