Thursday, December 31, 2009

Selling bowl filler pattern??

I've been giving some thought to creating a pattern to sell. I had created these bowl fillers a couple years ago, and was asked if I had a pattern. I would be hesitant to sell a pattern, unless it was my own idea. I can say that these were my idea, and haven't seen anyone else copy them. I need to create another set to get a better photo to use on the front of the pattern. I thought I had an extra set of these lollipops in storage, but that's not the case. I must have sold them last year. So, I'll have to get some fabric and sew some more. Maybe I'll do them in all the same fabric this time. I'll have to get to work quickly, as Valentine crafters are getting busy! If anyone has suggestions for selling the pattern, please let me know. I was thinking of Ebay, since that's where I sell my crafts.

It's VERY quiet around our house today. Last night Andrew and Rachel went to an all night pre New Years Eve party. Several area churches get together and rent out places for bowling, laser tag, swimming, etc. They have rotating buses between the places, so that no one drives. I picked them up at about 5:30 this morning. They went to bed, and I was able to get some grocery shopping done before the crowds. :) Matt didn't want to stay up all night for the party, so he opted for a lunch out today. He's now waiting for the delivery of his new laptop, which is on the truck for today. Tonight James has a pizza party from church, but that ends at 7pm. I'm then staying home and getting some sleep!

Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas from iceland

Ok, not really the country of Iceland, but the iceland at our house! Yesterday, it started to snow. We got about 1-2 inches of snow. Then it started to sleet, and then freezing rain. Any untreated surface turned to ice. All the trees are still encased in a glass type coating. It looks really pretty when driving out at night! At least the roads are clear, and no big trees are down.

This was James last night on the driveway. The ice was thick. A little too bumpy for a skating rink, but still fun to slide around.

The Christmas gifts are wrapped, and ready to put out late tonight. James doesn't believe in Santa (he figured it out in kindergarten), so no need to keep the secret around here. Tomorrow we'll go to my parents house for dinner. My dad fell and broke his ankle yesterday, so he'll just be sitting around until they do surgery next week. Maybe they'll get a snow removal service next year, but his snow blowing duties are done for the year.

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Cupboard hanger just listed on Ebay!

I just finished this snowman/snow angel cupboard hanger today, and just listed it on Ebay as a 5 day auction. (just in case someone wants shipping for Christmas) I used a graphic from Bird In the Hand Primitives, and slightly changed it for punching. I think I'll leave it on my cupboard in the dining room until it sells! After not punching for a few weeks, it was good to get back doing a project. I'm hoping to get more done later this week, and next week, once the kids are off school. Now if I can finish my Christmas shopping......

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

More thrift finds

I decided to add a coat of dark walnut stain to the birdhouse. It was just too plain beforehand. I even stained the little bird to tone down the green in it. It now looks a little more aged, and a little less manufactured. I put the birdhouse on my kitchen shelf. I will replace the old plate with a stitchery. I'm trying to mix and layer the items on the shelf ~ a little wood, glass, metal, and fabric. The stitchery will be framed and add to the layer look in the back of the shelf. Now to find a graphic that I like and make something for myself!

Early this week, I had about 10 minutes in between errands and picking up kids. I didn't have time to stop home for all of 60 seconds, so I decided to stop into a local resale shop. I never find much at this shop, but on Monday, this little shelf/cabinet caught my eye. It does have 2 holes drilled into the back to hang on the wall, but I'm thinking of sitting it on the kitchen counter to hold all the clutter that accumulates there. The little gold drawer pull will have to go, as well as the stain. I'll keep it on the counter until I get around to re-doing this one.

On Sunday, I went to my favorite resale/antique store's open house. (Carriage House Antiques) It's a small store, but filled with lots of good stuff! I found another old grater to save for a punch needle project. I also found this cute garland with snowmen and stars. I put it on my dining room shelf to finish that display. (I still need to paint the frame on the cross stitch, as the shiny oak just doesn't coordinate)

We had our first big snow storm yesterday and today. The kids were disappointed that school wasn't canceled. But, after school, James was happy to go outside and build a snow fort. Last night he said he wants to live in Canada. When I asked why, he said so he could play in the snow more often. I think he's part Eskimo!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Look what I got for free!

I got this adorable birdhouse earlier this week on freecycle! It's heavy, and the two birdhouses are glued together. I'm going to have to find a new home for it, but for now it's tucked back on my kitchen counter. I'm not sure if I'll add a coat of walnut gel stain to it to aged it a bit, or just leave it as is. I love the square nails that are the perches. And all this for FREE! :)

Today was the big 4th grade field trip to the Shedd Aquarium. The school backs up to the train station, so we walked to the train. It's quicker to take a train than to sit in traffic downtown. Since they don't give out reserved cars, I'm sure all the regular commuters just "loved" having all the kids on the train! :) They can have their peace and quiet back tomorrow.

I loved this pretty sea horse!

I just love the penguins. They were quite active today with all the hopping and swimming.

If an all day field trip wasn't enough, I came home and then went to a market research focus group this evening. I get to qualify for maybe one or two a year, and really enjoy doing them. (ok, I really like getting paid for my opinions!) I now have a little extra Christmas money.

It's finally beginning to feel like Christmas around here. We got our first snowflakes today! * * * * * * Now to ship off some ebay packages, finish some crafts, and get some Christmas cards ordered.