Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Last night I finished 3 vintage quilt stocking ornies. Here's one of them. The other had a crow peeking out of the top. I dropped them, plus a couple bins of other goodies at a craft fair for tomorrow. I'm working there in the afternoon, and can then see if I've sold anything. It's in a small barn/shed - just the right touch for primitives. If I sell a lot, I have til next Friday to make more. It's the second day of the fair.

After dropping off crafts, working on my marketing job, helping with the class party for James, it was time for trick or treating. The weather was perfect - about 68 and sunny!
James was Link (from the video game Zelda), the middle kid is our "5th child", and Andrew was some type of scary guy.
Matt didn't want to wear a costume. I forced him into wearing his old Harry Potter robe for trick or treating. If he didn't wear a costume, he might not get candy!Rachel is on the right, and her friend on the left. (Matt is on the front step hiding his face with his bucket) They had fun going out, then coming back for pizza. Then they asked for a sleepover. So, we're having the "5th child" and Rachel's friend over tonight. That makes a total of 6 kids sleeping here tonight. Luckily they are all sleeping downstairs where I can't hear them! :) At least I'm hoping I won't hear them.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What a Deal!

I had to get some gas in the van today, as it can't get too far with the gas light on. I went to Sam's Club, and it was only $2.79 per gallon!! Yipeeee! Now if it can get below $2......

Andrew's liquid density experiment was well liked by his teacher. He tried to keep it level and not mix it up on the bus, so the layers stayed fairly even. The food coloring in the water helped to identify the different liquids. It gets hard to identify the corn syrup, water and veggie oil if you don't use food coloring.

Today was babysitting in the morning. Tomorrow is Bible study in the morning, then work at home for my marketing job. Should keep me busy all day. :)

Monday, October 27, 2008

the "S" word

No, I'm not talking profanity, but the "s" word for something cold, white and falls from the sky. SNOW. Yep, we saw some snow flurries this afternoon - yuck. Last year we set an all time record for the total amount of snow in one winter in our county. I'm not looking forward to another
record setting winter.

Andrew was doing a homework assignment on liquid density. Here's is test tube of water, vegetable oil, and corn syrup. (we used blue food coloring in the water section) We hope it doesn't get too messed up on the bus ride to school tomorrow. The layers look so nice!
I'm doing a small craft fair on Saturday and next Friday. Just a few crafters getting together and selling out of someone's barn. We're sharing the selling time, and no entry fee! I don't have a ton of items, but I don't have to fill an entire space. I can then list leftovers on Ebay after the sale is done. :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Matt's turn

Now it was Matt's turn for a Latin American cooking project. He chose Columbian Chicken. I chopped the whole chicken for him, but he did the rest. He chopped the green and red peppers, browned the chicken in olive oil, then baked it in orange juice. Can't forget the part about writing a paper on his cooking experience!
I started some gingerbreadmen bowl filler/ornies. I think the quilt hearts are finally dry, so I might be able to sew the hearts onto the front of the gingers tonight. I also need to finish a Christmas tree stitchery pillow that I finished the embroidery on. Then there are 2 different snowmen cut out and stuffed, and the quilt stockings to finish. Enough projects to keep me happy!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hobby Lobby is expanding!

I just finished scheduling a couple candle mats and my last set of Frankenstein bowl fillers on Ebay. After a trip last night to Hobby Lobby, I was able to get started on some more goodies. I also found out that out Hob Lob is expanding! They are taking over part of the adjoining vacant store (where Dinorex use to be). I asked if they were adding anything different in the store, and they aren't. Just MORE of the items they sell. I hope they expand on some fabric they sell.
This is one of the candle mats that will be up for bid starting tonight. I'm NOT ready for snow, but it sure it cute!

These are the Frankenstein bowl fillers. They have a rusted screw glued into the neck and tufts of hair sewn on top.

STILL no more mice last night. I left a poison pack and trap in the back of the cabinet, just in case. I'm hoping I won't need it - ever. :)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

They're gone!!

After catching two mice this week, I think they are gone. We haven't seen any "activity" in the past couple nights, so Mickey and Minnie are gone. I'm now able to put back all the stuff in my dining room back into the cabinets. I now have a clear corner (but not a clear dining room table- that's for crafting).

We picked up the old van today from the body shop. We got the door fixed from the hit and run. We want to keep the van for many more years, so we went through insurance to get it fixed. We still have to pay the deductible, though.

I've been cutting out some more bowl fillers/ornies today. Some vintage quilt stockings and gingerbread men. I have a couple candle mats and the last of the Frankenstein bowl fillers to list on Ebay tomorrow. I have 2 different sets of snowmen in progress, but ran out of polyfil. Another trip to Walmart and Hobby Lobby (use my 40% coupon I found online) tonight - hopefully it won't be crowded.

I have some stew cooking for dinner, along with some onion cheese bread. Maybe I'll make some apple crispfor dessert.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

fire station

Last night was an open house at the fire station. They had all the trucks out on display, a flight for life helicopter land and take off, and a real demo of a room on fire. For a Cub Scout requirement, James met his den there. Of course their den leader (Russ) had a meeting, so I had to go. The place was crowded, even for a school night. At least there were enough cookies to go around! :)

This morning, EARLY this morning, about 4am, I heard the mouse in the trap. I bought one of the plastic traps, which was a mistake. You can hear it trying to get out and scratching on the plastic. So, when I got up, I put the trap in a box (without touching the trap, of course). As I was going outside with it, the field mouse was going crazy, so I dropped the box. The door opened, and out ran the mouse as fast as he could run. At least he ran away from the house. I reset the trap under the sink to see if any more will be caught. Rachel told her science teacher that we had a mouse. She wanted us to bring it in for the snake to eat - EWWWW!

Tonight is the last of the presidential debates. I most likely won't watch it. Helping with homework, Rachel wants to go the the jr high group at church, and I need a trip to Sam's Club. Hopefully I'll be able to get some sleep tonight without being woken up by a mouse.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The LONG weekend

We had a long weekend, with the kids being off school on Friday and Monday. Even though it's no school, there are still homework projects to complete. Andrew had a cooking project for World Geography. He had to make a Latin American dish. He chose a Brazilian potato dish. Andrew is, let's say, not a cook. He can microwave frozen items and heat Spagettios. So, it was an interesting and long project. He peeled the potatoes, added ham, and baked it. It actually turned out well!

Rachel went to Great America for Fright Fest with at friend - gotta love free tickets! She didn't get home until 12:30 on Saturday. Sunday, Andrew and Matt went to bowling and laser tag with the jr. high group at church. Andrew can never miss an opportunity for laser tag.

On Monday, James and I went to Joann to purchase material for his Halloween costume. He wants to be Link, from the Zelda video game. We picked the WRONG day to go shopping. The store was crowded, and there was a LOOONG line just to get material cut. I should have timed the wait - I guess 30-45 minutes - just to get material cut. At least the line for check out moved a bit quicker. I was NOT a happy customer!

Monday afternoon and evening I wasn't a happy mom, either. I spent the entire time in the kitchen. Not baking or having fun crafting. I cleaned out every cabinet, washed every dish, and threw out any opened food, as we have a mouse. I've figured out it's getting in under the kitchen sink, as the poison packet moved overnight. I will be cleaning the cabinets many times over the next week. I've moved all the food/utensils until it's gone. EEEEK!

Rachel and James were outside playing in the leaves while I cleaned. Here's James and a neighbor:
Tonight it's the fire station open house for James for Cub Scouts, and jr. high group for the others. I'm glad it's only a four day school week!

Thursday, October 9, 2008


I finally got my fall/harvest decorations out. I look at our old tattered, and faded scarecrow that needed replacing. I didn't want another $5 cheap one, but something a little different. After a trip to Menards for a few pumpkins, hay and corn stalks, I was ready to create a new scarecrow. I took the wood cross pieces from the old one, added some old kid jeans, shirt, a bandana from the scout campout last weekend, and a straw hat. I still used the face from the old one, but might change that later on. Now to get some mums for on top of the hay.

I found a deal at Aldi's tonight. A new papercutter for $ 9.99. Of course Matt had to try it out.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Kid sewing projects

Rachel finished her pillow at school and brought it home. It's pink, of course! My latest project (on the back of the table) is a pumpkin and crow stitchery that's ready to be sewn into a small pillow.

Andrew brought his 2 projects home from school. His pillow is a Cubs logo. And , yes, he thinks he's pretty cool - ROCK ON!His second project is a bag. At least they let the boys choose some boyish fabric. Now to decide, which photo makes him look better??????..... I kinda prefer the second!

The kids have off school on Friday and Monday - makes for a nice long weekend. Andrew still has a cooking project for one class. That's a VERY scary thing - Andrew and cooking. I just hope it doesn't involve the fire department!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Wait til next year...

The phrase, "Wait til next year" is something I hear every year. It's now been 100 years since the Cubs have won the World Series. They lost last night, so our hopes are dashed until next year. Sigh.

I just finished a stitchery pillow to list on Ebay tonight. I still need to finish a pumpkin candle mat this afternoon so I can get that listed tonight, too.

Andrew and Matt got back at lunch from a Boy Scout camp out. I was glad to stay in my nice warm house instead! I now have a pile of laundry to do this evening. No ball games to watch until spring training.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


No, not the stock market crash. Someone hit my husband's van on Tuesday while it was parked on a side street. He car pools to work, and leaves his car in front of his co-worker's house during the day. Russ came home from work, and found the entire driver side sliding door panel pushed in. No note, no "gee, I'm sorry!", no nothing. Just the big dent with white paint. This is our older van that has 108K miles, and we want to see if it can get 200K. I made Russ file a police report, just in case they can track down the person who did this. We'll see what happens.

I managed to get some crafts listed on ebay this past Tuesday. I made some more snow angels with vintage quilt wings. Here's a peek:

They have ground up mica flakes sprinkled on them. Sometimes photos don't do them justice!
I've started stitching a Christmas pillow - one of my favorite patterns saying "Glory to God in the Highest" with a star, grapevine wreath, and berries. I'll have to see what's next.

I've been working in the lunchroom several days this week. My other side job has had work, too. But with Christmas shopping on my mind, I'll take the hours. (yep, I've started my Christmas shopping) Tomorrow is childcare for MOPS - I get the infant room! :)

Let's hope my Cubbies win tonight. When the Dodgers hit that grand slam last night, Ron Santo was speechless. He always announces with emotion, so speechless is NOT a good thing. We need the Big Z to pitch another great game tonight - how about a no hitter???