Saturday, June 27, 2009


I finished cleaning Rachel's room! :) I even washed and ironed the curtains, dust ruffle and all the bedding before she came home. I wish the bed was made now, but it isn't...

My lovely daughter wants to know where all her clothes went. Well, they are in her dressers, where they belong. Here we have sweaters (with matching camies) and jeans.

Here's pj's. She's claiming she doesn't have any.
Oh, and can't forget the shorts, swimsuits, tanks, and short and long sleeve t shirts.

Yea, I guess all her clothes disappeared while she was gone!

While I"m on my cleaning kick, I started sorting all my craft supplies. I sorted patterns by category : stitchery graphics, punch needle, cross stitch, and bowl fillers/ornies. I can now easily find what I'm looking for! I cleaned out my fabrics. I had WAY too many tiny scraps that I wasn't using. I even found some muslin that I forgot I bought, so I'm getting ready to start some new projects. I just need to clean off my work/craft table in the family room, and I'll be set to craft this week. I really wish I had an entire craft room where I could work and sort my supplies. (James is watching my type this, and he really wants his own Lego room) But then I would have way too much and not use it all, so I'll stick with my small work area for now.

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