Monday, June 15, 2009

My first penny runner is done!

I finished my first penny runner for the dining room table. I found some black print fabric for the backing at a local quilt shop. I didn't want to use the wool felt, as it would have been too thick. I ended up using a size 5 DMC pearl cotton for the edges. I really like the rustic, folk art look of it.

I liked it so much, that I did a small table/candle mat to coordinate! I just listed this one on ebay last night. I had Rachel helping with cutting the circles (ok, so we used a Sizzix machine to cut the circles - it's SO quick to cut perfect circles). I stitched this one with black floss for the pennies, and a tan for the sides.

Since my candle mats have been selling on Ebay, I quickly stitched up another one for summer. This one also hit Ebay last night, and already has a bid! :) I'm really liking the button hole stitching on the sides, as I can do it all by hand. That means I can bring it along if I'm sitting at the pool or waiting for kids.

For my local friends (who don't blog): A Houseful of Boys isn't just a crazy mom that I found on blogland ~ it's my crazy cousin. :) Oh, my friends Cathy and John have been elevated to the title of "awesome" by my boys. Matt saw that John's car (a Mustang GT) and thought it was cool - it has lots of gadgets. Andrew said it was "beyond" cool ~ it was AWESOME. Yep, John is now awesome and cool in teenage eyes!

Tonight it's dinner out for Russ and I. It's our 18th anniversary. The kids stay home with pizza for dinner, and hopefully no fights! :)

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