Saturday, June 20, 2009

Yesterday was a wild weather day. In the morning, the tornado sirens went off. There were circular clouds out in the towns of Huntley and Lake in the Hills. We didn't get any severe weather, other than getting a LOT of rain with thunder and lightening.

Today Rachel left for camp. There were 3 buses that left, so lots of jr highers. Now that she's gone for a week, it's time to clean out her room. It's a lot easier to do it when she's not here (she'll want to keep everything). I can do a small section a day, and hopefully it will be done by next Friday when we have to pick her up.

Today was hot enough for a pool day. Russ, James and I went this afternoon. Then after dinner, I took all the boys. Looks like we'll be hanging out there all week, as it will be warm.

Not much time for crafting, but a couple rows of crocheting at the pool tonight. I picked up an extra skein of yarn on the way home from the camp bus today, so I'm set to crochet!

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