Saturday, June 6, 2009

Trash to Treasure??

Our local paper had an article yesterday about residents upset with a neighbor. They didn't like her idea of a planter in the front yard. She took an old pedestal sink and turned that into a planter. She also took a toilet and put flowers in that. Is this trash to treasure???

I took a grapevine wreath I had sitting in storage, and put it on my fence outside. I thought the fence was a little plain since the clematis is still small. Now I'm thinking that I could twine the branches through the wreath as it grows longer. I'll have to play around with it (maybe it will take a couple years for the clematis to reach maturity?) over time. The other plants look so small now. I had cut back the mums early in the spring, as they were overtaking the sidewalk in the fall. Give them 2 years, and they'll be huge again. This spot is all sun, so any plant that likes sun thrives. (plus, not a whole lot of rocks on this section)

Before my paychecks end for the summer, I bought a bird bath for the garden. Our old one broke to pieces a few years ago, and I never found a cheap one to replace it. This one is metal, so I don't have to worry about it during the winter (cement ones will crack). Matt wants to help me build new wood borders for the garden this summer. The one side has pulled away and we can't get it back. We started, and the wood was dry and splitting. We have some boards downstairs in storage, so we'll see if we can use those. This one was put together using nails, and we'll use screws, plus some corner reinforcements. If the garden ends up being a bit larger, I wouldn't mind! I'm sure my neighbors wouldn't mind either! Our yards are all open, but sorta divided by perennial gardens. We enjoy seeing what the others have.

I finished another punch needle late last evening. I'm waiting for the stain to dry on it to see if I need to make it darker. I also traced a couple stitchery candle mats to stitch up on a rainy Saturday. I don't know what I'll list on Ebay tomorrow, and what I might save. I'm still thinking of a website with more exposure - maybe Lemon Poppy Seeds? For now, I'll have to just stitch the afternoon away!

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