Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Afghans and Angels

I finished crocheting the baby afghan. I just need to hide all the loose ends, which doesn't take much time. I bought enough yarn to make another one, since it was on sale at Hobby Lobby this week. I've been using "I Love This Yarn" sportweight. I also like Bernat sportweight, but I think the Hob Lob brand doesn't shread as easily. Both are really soft, too. I've seen some cotton yarn that might be nice to work with, too.

I started another candle mat. (I'm using Matt's camera and his camera software, and haven't figured out how to rotate the image). I have another stack of candle mat stitcheries traced to work on in the next week. I learned one thing, don't take a stitchery to the pool. I use a water soluable marker to trace, and if it gets wet ~ it disappers! Not good at the pool.

I can't even think of the pool in the past several days. Last week it was SO hot (heat index over 100) and this week is freezing. It's only in the mid 60's ~ for a high. It's not what was forecasted when Andrew and Matt were packing for Boy Scout camp last weekend. We got a call last night to bring extra sweatshirts! Russ went to camp this morning until the end on Saturday, so he was able to bring the gear. Andrew was going to work on a water safety merit badge. I'm wondering if they did it this week with the weather. I sure don't need sick kids coming home. They'll only have a week to recover until we leave for vacation.

I finished a few hours of work this week for the marketing firm I do side work for. So, I have the next couple days here free with only 2 kids at home. It's nice and quiet :)

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