Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It's cut!

I finished cutting my penny rug runner. I wanted it small enough to be able to keep it on the table when 6 plates are there for dinner. I tried to mix up the color combinations as much as possible. I took out some of the mustard color, as it was too bright. (I can't age this in coffee & vanilla!) I quickly pinned them into place, but will do exact placement when I sew each stack together. I used all but 2 of my pins, so I'll have to get another box sometime.

I'm debating which thread to start with. I have black DMC in size 8 and 12. I also have some Valdani in a combo of black/brown. I'm leaning toward the Valdani to add some interest in the stitching for a folk art look. The Valdani says size 12, but it's more of a DMC 8.

Tomorrow is an entire hour of school. By the time to drive James and get home, it's time to go back and pick him up. It's suppose to rain, so no going to the pool. Plus, it's a little cool for swimming. We'll all have to sort through school supplies and put the good items away for next year. I'm sure the recycle bin will be filled with old papers that have been stuffed into lockers!

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