Thursday, June 18, 2009

Christmas in July?

I started a cat punch needle project, but then got stuck. I just didn't feel inspired by it, and didn't like the way one little section turned out (the color combinations). Plus, I don't like cats! (no flames, please) So, I put that project aside and started a baby afghan. This is the pattern that got me back into crocheting. It's all done in one piece, and has such a pretty border (that's the last part of the afghan to do ~ the border looks like lace). I know I'll need at least one more skein of yarn, but I'll see how far the one I"m working on gets me. I've done this pattern so many times, that I don't need the pattern, except for the border.

On Tuesday night, it was only 3 of us for dinner. Andrew, Matt and Rachel had a barbeque at the jr high youth group. So, it was only Russ, James and I for dinner. James hit the strawberries early. He lost another tooth that evening, so he now has 2 empty spaces on the bottom.

I look at the photo of my kitchen floor, and think it's ugly. Yep, it's gold. Yep, the floor is slightly warped. So, it needs a new subfloor, as well as a new laminate. Maybe next year..... At least it gets cleaned!

I've been mulling over the idea of a Christmas in July sale on ebay and my blog. I found this adorable Santa rug hooking pattern in a library book. I shrank it to use for a punch needle. I think that will be my next project!

I have a couple things set for a sale. I have one candle mat and one pillow. Now to add to the pile and complete more items. :)

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