Monday, June 8, 2009

Birthday, Bowl, & a Bag of Wool

This is my birthday boy, James. He turned 9 today. Although he had to go to school, there was an end of the year class party with pizza. We brought ice cream cups for dessert. Here he is opening a Halo action figure - it was top on his list!

A new Wii game - Nascar!

More Bionicles to keep him busy.

Birthday ice cream. He doesn't really like cake, so we made hot fudge sundaes instead. He lost a tooth at Noodles and Co tonight at dinner. The tooth fairy (no, doesn't believe in the tooth fairy, or Santa) gave double for losing it on his birthday.

This is a "new" wood bowl for my dining room table. I found it at a local resale/antique store this past weekend. It's larger than my other bowl, so it easily hold my larger carrots. I'm not sure if I like the lighter color or not. It does have a nice finish, so I don't want to mess with it too much. I'll wait and see how I like it with the penny runner that I'm going to make.

I made a trip to Joann's today and found some wool felt. I washed and dried it, but didn't like the way the black dried at all. I thought it was ruined, which would mean another trip to buy more. It's the 30% wool (they didn't have black in 20% wool), so it was too thick and dried funny. I cut a table runner out of the black and decided to spray the wool with water, then took an iron to it (between cloths to keep it from getting shiny). It worked! I was able to make it look really nice and not scraggly. I don't know if I over dried it in the drier or not. I'm letting the other colors dry a bit more by air to see the difference. I'm so use to working with cotton fabric, that felt and wool are a new thing to learn. I'm hoping to get to cutting circles tomorrow. I want just 3 colors of circles over the entire runner - something really primitive and plain. (ok, easy to do).

My peonies bloomed today! I had planted these 2 years ago, and they really hadn't bloomed until this year. I had gotten a bag of them from someone on freecycle, so I didn't know what color they were. It's a really pretty shade of medium pink. There's a lot of blooms on the plant ready to bloom! :)

Tomorrow is the last full day of school. I'm going to enjoy the peace and quiet and a house to myself.

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