Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Well, we always look under the back door neighbors shed, hoping to see foxes. All summer I didn't see anything. Last night, I saw some shadows (hoping FOX), well.... then I saw the masked faces. As in numerous faces and numerous glowing eyes. We had a family of raccoons under the shed. You can't see much in the photo since it was dark. But you can see their shadow and glowing eyes. I tried to lighten the photo, but that's as good as it gets. Foxes are a lot more fun to watch, even though they left eaten parts scattered around ~ ewwww!

Today was the first day of school - a half a day. Matt came home and slept until we we to the dentist for cleanings. It's hard to wake up after sleeping in all summer. I went to work, even though the kids didn't have lunch today. We were there as the kids came to the cafeteria to go over rules. I'll be working with 2nd grade ~ at least I'm taller than them!

I managed to finish one more candle mat this morning before work. Maybe tomorrow I'll have some time to get something accomplished. I have a few more cut out and traced and ready to stitch. Hopefully tomorrow when the kids are at school.

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