Sunday, August 16, 2009

New Ebay listings!

I was scrambling to get a few finishes to list tonight. I always like to set Sunday evenings as a deadline to list items ~ it gives me motivation to complete unfinished items. I finished this set of turkey bowl fillers. The wings are a vintage quilt that I stained up with coffee and vanilla. The photos don't do the turkey bodies justice. They are painted onsaburg that I sanded off. They really look stonewashed/prim.

I also finished a set of pumpkin bowl fillers. The pattern calls for a curly rusty wire on the top. I didn't have any rusty wire ready, so I substituted some cinnamon sticks for a stem. Walmart was out of polyfil, so I'm making a list of craft items to purchase this week. I never made it to get green material, as we went to the pool yesterday. It hasn't been a great pool year, since the weather has been cooler than normal. So, when it got hot yesterday, off to the pool before it closes for the year.

Tomorrow I go to fill out all the paperwork for the new job. I'll have to get fingerprinted sometime this week, too. Between that and a meeting, picking up jr high schedules on Wednesday, it should keep me busy. :)

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