Wednesday, August 5, 2009

ChRiStMaS BowL FiLLeRs

I did finish these Christmas cross stitch bowl fillers on Sunday night, and even took photos of them. I just didn't get them listed on Ebay this week. I stitched them to pieces of vintage (almost an army green) green wool felt, using very primitive stitches. They are stuffed with bits of wool felt & fabric snippets. I'll have to get these listed next week ~ and hopefully a few more items!

After spending 4 days trying to solve my mystery/dilemma on the phone, I was able to solve it yesterday. I even went as far as ordering credit reports for myself and Rachel. (thankfully, these don't show up on those reports!) I had made an initial call to the police to see what the process was. I was going to copy my files, and then take them over. In the mean time, a person confessed to one of them (I won't classify it as one of her friend's anymore). I'm hoping nothing else will show up, but who knows.

I went into school this morning to see about possible jobs for the lunch hour. I'll find out next week how many days it will be. It's only 3 weeks until school starts...

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