Monday, August 3, 2009

Garden make over - done!

Here's the garden - with bricks instead of rotting wood. It really opens the back of the garden, as the height of the bricks is a lot lower. I've even noticed that few plants have a bit more sun. I now will be slightly rearranging some plants, as they have a bit more room without the dividing diamond sides. There's even a bit of room to add one or two new plants!

On a side note, I've been busy thinking about what I should do next on a possible online issue. HELP! Last week we started receiving a message and calls saying Rachel had won a free cruise. We're on the do not call list, and we know it's all scams. How did a minor get on a list? Then I opened the phone bill the day it came (I usually wait until I pay it to open it). I noticed a couple charges for webhosting and another phone service. Definitely not ours. I called the phone company, and the other companies involved to remove the bogus charges. They are saying that Rachel authorized it on a certain date (which happens to be when we were on vacation with no phone, no computer). I know it wasn't her! Do I now get copies of her credit report (it's a minor, so I'll have to send away for them) to see what's on there - hopefully nothing. Do I call the police, but how are they going to track down who signed her up online? Any suggestions?

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