Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Change of Colors

I finished stitching another candle mat. It's one I've done before with brown vines and cranberry colored berries. I changed the colors, and created an autumn berry mat. It has a dark orange, orange, and gold berries. I still need to age/distress it, but I'll do a bunch of aging at the same time. I sold some mats to a store in Florida, and need to make some more! :)

After debating for a couple weeks, I quit my one phone calling job earlier this week. I will only have one job at school, then do crafts on the side. It's a big relief to not have too many jobs. Plus, now I know my hours and can schedule everything else around it (Bible study, dentist appointments, doctor appointments, etc).

Andrew, Matt and Rachel picked up their schedules at the jr high yesterday. Andrew got the 10:24am lunch period. He's not too happy about it. So, he'll be starving by the time he gets home. I better stock up on quick meals/snacks for him. It's better than the school on the news where school starts at 6am and lunch starts at 8:45am.Yep, they were serving lunch foods at 8:45am.

Andrew has been begging for guitar lessons. A recent college grad on the street was handing out flyers for lessons, so I think we'll use this guy as a teacher. Can't beat the price, or the location ~ a few houses down on the street!

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