Thursday, August 13, 2009

I got a job!

I'm in the bowl filler mood! I've cut and sewn pumpkins, snowmen and turkeys, but need to finish stuffing them. I want to make some Frankenstein faces, but need some more green fabric. Yet another trip to Hobby Lobby! I feel like I live there sometimes. :) Then I'll need some new nails or screws for the neck. Almost all the hardware is galvanized, so it doesn't rust. Last year, I was using a really heavy screw, but they were pricey, VERY pricey. In this photo, I had used some old, rusty nails. I'm hoping to find something I like this year.

I officially got a job today! I'll be working at James' school everyday during lunch. It will be 2 hours a day, but I'll take it. I can still run errands before work, or after. It's close by, so no drive time. It still leaves time for crafting, too. :)

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