Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Whatcha working on Wednesday

Yesterday, I was in the crafting mood. I started cutting out snowman bowl fillers, snowman face bowl fillers, pumpkin bowl fillers, and some Thanksgiving turkey bowl fillers (above). The tail is a piece of a tattered quilt that I stained and dried. Now to work on the bodies. I had made some last year, but used a pattern for some big turkeys. This year, I'm making some smaller ones, so they can easily be arranged in a wood bowl or basket.

I almost finished with some fall candle mats (oops, I forgot to rotate the photo!). I just need to press them out with an iron.

I like the way this sheep mat turned out. I took a pattern, removed the wording, and added another sheep to it. The black sheep really stands out. I usually do white sheep, but tried something different.

I spent the day school shopping (thanks, Grandma!). I still need to double check that all the supplies are in their backpacks, and that I didn't forget anything. I still haven't heard on the job.....

For those who want to know about my cousin, Michele's (a houseful of boys), new job ~ here's a photo of her! (and she wonders where her boys get their attitude!!!!!) I'm glad I live a LONG way away, as payback for this could be nasty! :)

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