Friday, September 3, 2010

More weekend photos

I'm famous! Ok, not really, but one of my photos is famous. The photo on the top of my last post was shown on a local Chicago nightly news. The weather segment always has some photos that viewers send in. I sent it in, because it was a great photo, and it appeared on the news, and in the newspaper. How cool is that?

Last weekend, we took a boat ride out on Lake Michigan. It's a double decker boat like one of these. We sat on the top and got some sun. (too much sun ~ ouch!)

We saw the tall ships from a great viewpoint. This one is the Bounty, which was from Pirates of the Caribbean. I think next time, it would be cool to get tickets to ride on this one!

We took a ride of the ferris wheel. What a gorgeous day ~ not a cloud in the sky!

A look down at Navy Pier.

A better view of the skyline. The lake was filled with boats.

We then headed toward Millenium Park to see "the bean". I am not a fan of modern sculpture, but this one is interesting. No seams, and shiny all over.

It's almost like a mirror. This is the view when you walk under it and look up~ a tunnel view. If you click on the photo to enlarge it, see if you can see me. I'm in a black t-shirt looking up with a camera.

We also walked past a fenced off lot. What a mess! No, it's not a junkyard, but the set of Transformers 3. We didn't see anyone filming, as the filming was mainly done at night.

I just finished the first full week of school/work. I'm a lunch room supervisor, and assigned to a different school this year. It's just SO different. Let's just say I've needed a LOT of chocolate this week. I'm looking forward to a long weekend. :-)

~*~ Laura ~*~

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