Saturday, September 11, 2010

Halloween and Homecoming

Now that the hot, humid weather has gone, I can think about fall. I started a punch project for Halloween. It's a black cat and 2 pumpkins. I took a wool applique pattern, and traced it on weaver's cloth for punch needle. It will be some primitive bowl fillers for Halloween. I've only done one set of punch needle bowl fillers, and this will be my second set. I usually make them into cupboard hangers, or mount them on hornbooks.

High school homecoming was today. Rachel and Matt went to the dance tonight. (Rachel is second from the left, and Matt should be pretty obvious!) I drove the silly group to the dance, and still have to wait another couple hours to pick them up.

The football game was this afternoon. At least the rain from this morning stopped. I had to go see the half time show this week.

We got the early this time. Early enough to get seats in the bleachers. :-)

I was even able to pick Matt out this time. He's the guy on the right with the trumpet. He does well. Especially considering that he only took one year of trumpet in 5th grade, and then dropped out of band. (he didn't like getting up before school, as band met before school). Now that he's a freshman, he's joined band since it's a class "during" school. (and lots of practices at night)

Tomorrow night is a family birthday party for Andrew, Matt and Rachel. I'm doing the easy way out, and ordering pizza! :-) That might leave me a little time in the afternoon to get some crafting done.



Cheryl said...

Your kids are growing up! Did you ever think you'd make it to the days of homecoming games and dances when you were just trying to keep them from climbing out of their cribs and up the furniture?

It's so nice to see the girls in short dresses and natural hair. I remember when Liz was a freshman the girls all wore long dresses and had their hair in an updo. Fashions change so quickly!

WoolenSails said...

I can't wait to see how your piece comes out.
I made a cat and pumpkins that I made into small dolls, that is fun for bowl fillers too.


Michele said...

They look so nice! =0)

How was the birthday party?