Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Back to work!

I'm really trying to get back into a routing for crafting, now that school has started. Yesterday, I worked to finish punching this Santa piece. I aged it lightly with walnut ink, but it still shows the over dyed floss.
I had previously cut out some hornbooks, but got around to painting them. I sanded them, painted them, sanded again, then aged them with gel stain. The two boards aren't the same. I try to cut unevenly ~ on purpose. Can't have a primitive board looking too perfect! :-) I think it gives each one a uniqueness and character of it's own.

Tonight, I put the finishing touches on the Santa. I aged a hang tag with walnut ink, and tied a string of buttons around the top. On this one, I took a brass tag, and stamped NOEL. I then oxidized it to age it, and left some of the aging around the edges of the metal.
While I was in a finishing mode, I put the final touches on the snowman punch needle. I liked the Santa pattern so much, that I took the idea and put a snowman in the center instead. I put mittens instead of Christmas trees around the border. This one also has a brass tag that reads SNOW. I just put both of these on Ebay tonight. If the same person wins both auctions, I will offer FREE shipping to the winner!

While I had my metal stamps out, I stamped out GERANIUMS on the spoon I had previously flattened. I realized how hard it is to stamp on spoons! This one is a silver plate, and not sterling. So, it's a bit harder to get the impressions than stamping on a thinner, softer metal. But, it's fun to experiment with different ideas. This garden marker will go into a pot of geraniums on my front step.

I next have some bowl fillers that are half sewn, and need finishing. Now that I'm motivated, they might get done! :-)

~*~ Laura ~*~


Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Really great punches and that Santa with the dyed backgrounds is just perfect! Love how you mounted them on the hornboards.

Your spoon looks wonderful, too!

Ann said...

Laura, Both punch needle pieces ar gorgeous. Your work is immaculate. ~Ann