Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pumpkin punch needle bowl fillers

I'm finally getting around to finishing these pumpkin punch needle bowl fillers. I came down with a cold last weekend, so I didn't get much accomplished (other than sleep!) during the week. I picked up the punch project that I was working on, and just about finished two of the three bowl fillers. But, now that I'm almost finished, I can't wait to complete the set! The pumpkin stem is a cinnamon stick. It's a little bit sturdier than using a twig.

I just need to finish the black cat to go with the pumpkins. I usually don't make bowl fillers, so I've forgotten how much work it is to bind the edges with floss. I once tried to machine sew and edge (with right sides together), but that didn't work too well. I think it give a nicer edge when it's hand bound (to a piece of felted wool). Then to age them with some walnut ink. I'm hoping to get them done to list on Ebay tomorrow ~we'll see.

One of my next projects will be some wool Christmas ornaments. My mom's friend always buys ornies, so I need to make something different each year. I found this really cute pattern, and think I have most of the supplies already at home. I really like the Santa and snowman ones. I'm thinking I could use a black background for each, since I have some black wool. (thrift store finds) The directions even had a dusting of glitter. I'm thinking of some mica flakes for an old fashioned look. But, I'll wait to see how they look before I add anything extra.

The leaves have started changing around here in Illinois. So, this afternoon was a good time to play around with the camera. (ok, Matt's camera today, since my husband has my camera at Scout Air Camp this weekend)

Some of my neighbor's orange mums that are just beginning to bloom.

The last of the Stella D Oro day lillies ~ one of my favorite perennials.

One last bloom on the hydrangea plant.

This afternoon, I also manged to take Rachel shopping to get some jeans. We found 3 pairs ~ for a grand total of $12.00 at the Goodwill store! She likes them, as they are already broken in and softer. (I like the price!). Going to Goodwill is always interesting. You see MANY different types of people there. The guy getting out of his truck while we were leaving was down right scary (at least I *think* it was a guy!). But, we always manage to find something that she likes, so it's worth the trip.

I'm off to put some binding on the black cat.

~*~ Laura ~*~


Michele said...

Sorry you weren't feeling well this week. =0(

I love those ornaments!!

Cheryl said...

My Goodwill store is totally decked out for Halloween. The entire front half of the store is full of racks of costumes and clothing that would make good costumes, and the costumes are even organized by type. I somehow came away with a pink and white sweater after dropping off a bag of clothes...go figure.