Sunday, September 5, 2010

Santa and silver

I just finished over dying some floss for the Santa punch needle. I've made this pattern a few time last year, but each time I used a different combination of floss for the background. This time I want to try over dyed floss for a subtle blending of tan. I started with 4 skeins of DMC 422, an put them in tan Rit dye. It only took a few minutes before I pulled them out. I untied them, and let them dry.

Some parts will remain color 422, but the remaining parts will be dyed tan. I'll have to start punching to see how this one turns out. I've put down the punch for a few weeks, so it's time to get back to work. :-) The cooler weather might help me get back into the craft mood.

I started playing around with more metal punching this week. I ordered some sterling silver discs, and made myself a silver hand stamped necklace. I stamped my initial on one, and a music note on another. A pearl adds some color to the necklace. I like how it lightly jingles when I wear it! I still have some brass discs that I can add to some punch needle projects as a finishing touch. (silver isn't quite as primitive as brass or copper, so the silver will be for jewelry) It's always fun learning new crafts and techniques!


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