Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I'm Finished!

I'm finally finished with this beautiful strawberry wool penny rug! I was able to finish attaching the tongues this morning, then gave it a really good steam iron to press it out. I followed the instructions on the pattern, which had a different way of attaching all those tongues/tabs. After button hole stitching all around the outside oval edge, I pinned all the tongues in place. The tongues had already been stitched around the curved edge, and had the open straight edge turned under so that the backing fabric edge was hidden. I whipped stitched the tongues to the backing. I like the fact that all the edges of the green backing fabric are turned under ~ no raveling.
I think I'll put this on my selling blog. I was able to keep track of the hours I spent on it, but didn't include the extra time it took to re-do the strawberry caps. I think if I do another one, it will go a bit quicker. Maybe I should do one with a cranberry/red color instead of pink?

It's a gorgeous day outside today! Couldn't ask for better weather during spring break! :-)

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