Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rotten Pear???

I was punching this bird in a pear tree, and was using my overdyed floss. While I liked the overdyed on the leaves, background, and part of the bird, I didn't like it on the pear. After looking at it for a day, I decided it looked like a rotten pear! So, I tore it out and started on that section again.
Much better this time!

I finished this punch piece into a cupboard hanger. I used a plaid wool for the front, and an overdyed brown for the back and the hanger.
I'm waiting to see if a shop will buy any of my recent items, and those that aren't sold to the shop will be listed on my selling blog. I keep meaning to make more items for the selling blog, but I end up putting them on Ebay. I guess it's a little more exposure/customers. Plus, I find it more difficult to determine a set price. On Ebay, I can begin with a starting price, and see what happens.

It's such a gorgeous day outside. I might see if the kids are interested in taking a drive. It's free cone day at Ben & Jerry's. Who can pass up a free cone? :-)

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