Friday, April 2, 2010

New projects

I've started a bunch of new projects. The first is a bunny penny rug. I don't like cats (gasp!), but I do like bunnies. I took a spring pattern, and adjusted the colors to be neutral and year round. I'm using some really thick overdyed coco colored wool for the bunnies. The flowers are dark cranberry with a light beige center. I love the background of a beige & grey plaid! The center chalk line is going to be a vine and berries that are stitched.

I have found an easy way to mark wool for stitching. I use freezer paper to cut the shapes. I draw the stitching lines onto the freezer paper, and once the outside edges are cut, I remove the paper. Then I cut the paper (not the wool) to the stitching line and re-iron it onto the wool. I can then trace around the edge of the freezer paper. I'll try to get a photo next time I'm working. It's a lot easier than guessing, especially on large projects.

I started a candle mat version of the strawberry penny runner. I'm thinking of leaving the edges plain black instead of adding a border. Sometimes the simpler the better.

I also started a punch needle that I will make into a cupboard hanger. I'm waiting for the brown overdyed black floss to dry before I can continue.

I've been spring cleaning, and have been digging (literally) through James' room. I loaded up the back of the van this morning and dropped off all the stuff. Lots of clothes, old toys, etc. While I was at the resale store, I was looking for dresses for Rachel. She'll need something for 8th grade graduation and the 8th grade dance. We managed to find 2 dresses. The above one is a nice crisp cotton, and is cuter in person. The one below is dressier, and is a stretchy, satin dress with lots of tiny white beads at the bottom. We now have to find some black dressy flat shoes. Then to see what Andrew and Matt need for graduation. The school is making is buy gowns, but they still can't wear gym shoes or jeans. So, with 3 needing clothes, it seems expensive. This isn't high school graduation or college, just jr high. Sometimes I think it's a bit overdone. We won't be having a big graduation party, as there aren't many relatives. Plus, it would be asking for gifts for 3, which I won't do. It's bad enough at birthday time. I'm thinking of going out for dinner instead of a party. But, I don't have to think about that until June. :-)

I also found some pieces of wool at the thrift store for 99 cents. It's 4 pieces, and looks like it came from a cut up skirt. I think it will be large enough for backings for some candle mats. I'll have to see how much it shrinks once it's washed and dried.

It's hard to believe it's almost the end of spring break - it went by MUCH too quickly!

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