Saturday, March 20, 2010

A few finsishes

I have a few finishes to show. The first is the birdhouse penny rug. I ended up putting mini tongues/tabs around the edges. I could see the birdhouse as a long table runner, with one on each end.

I also finished a couple mini penny rug candle mats. It's only about 7 3/4" across ~ perfect for those small spots or small tables.

This one is a rectangular penny rug. The edges are really scalloped. I think I prefer a straight edge, but this one looks nice with a row hanging off a shelf.

I also whipped up a couple candle cozies/wraps. These are 12" x 3 1/2" but you could make them for any size jar candle. It covers the label, and the soot that collects on the inside of the jar. (I trim the wicks, but still sometimes get soot).

I still need to finish one more rectangular mat. It's all cut and layed out, just need to finish the stitching. Then the next project is a strawberry penny rug. The pattern is for a larger table runner. I'm going to try playing around to see if I can make it into a round candle/table mat. I found some gorgeous pinkish wool at the local quilt shop today for the strawberries. I can't wait to start on it.

Yesterday was a gorgeous day - in the 60s. We woke up this morning to this ~ snow. Makes me glad that I was out working in the yard this week. I put down some grass seed, fertilizer, and raked. At least this snow didn't stick to the streets or driveway. Hopefully this will melt soon so that it will look a little more like spring. :-)

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