Sunday, March 21, 2010

Auction Day!

My local quilt shop had an auction this afternoon! For the past few months, we could earn bucks for every dollar spent at the store. Of course, there are specials where you could earn double bucks. Since I've only purchased wool and some backing fabrics there, I wasn't expecting to win anything. (I know some avid quilters can spend BIG bucks for fabrics, batting and backings). So, I took my bucks and scoped out what items that had. I manged to bid and win on a set of fall wool applique patterns! Yipee!

I also won a set of 6 punch needle patterns, plus a CTR threader. I don't have a CTR punch needle, so if anyone is interested in some threaders and a gripper, let me know. I would be glad to send it out ~ no charge. (I hate to see something go to waste!) The owner mentioned that the punch needle instructor had disappeared. Then I started thinking, do I go back in and see if they need someone to demo punching? I think I could teach beginners, and gear it towards the prim style. I'm not sure if they are looking for someone else or not, but I might ask. This shop is for quilts, some wool, and just a couple punch projects. There is another cross stitch store 2 towns away that carries a lot more punching supplies/projects. But, many quilters don't think of a cross stitch store. Many don't know what punch needle is. Even a demo would give those customers and idea if they would like to take a class or not.
I have a bird punch project started, and it should be a quick finish. After that, I want to work on this strawberry table mat. I found some pink wool and some pretty green fabric backing.

I had an idea of turning it into a round table mat, so I did a quick trace and draw on freezer paper. Once some pieces are cut, I'll see how I like it as a round mat. One more week until spring break, not that I'm counting! :-)

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