Monday, May 25, 2009

Punch Needle Cat for Ebay!

I just finished this punch needle kitty to list on ebay tonight. I sold a couple stitchery candle mats this past week, so I took the extra on off my selling blog and listed it on ebay. It already has a bid! Makes me motivated to make more.

It's back to school tomorrow for the kids. Two weeks from Wednesday, and school will be out for the summer. Hard to believe I'm saying summer, since it's cool outside and cloudy. The pool doesn't open until June 6 (or so), so it doesn't need to get warm until then.

Tomorrow will be busy with the Cub Scout den (and families) coming for a barbeque. I cleaned today, but will have to shop tomorrow and set up. Add in a couple hours of work during the lunch hour, and that will keep me busy all day. At least Walmart is empty during the weekday mornings! :)

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