Sunday, May 10, 2009

A few finishes & selling blog

Last night I finished this pinkeep (an adorable pattern by Primitive Bettys), then aging it with Distress It. I punched it with 6 strands of floss, and backed it with black wool. The edges have a black floss cord that I made.

I finished this candle mat with a blanket stitch. The backing is a navy and white star fabric to compliment the patriotic theme.

I've decided to start another blog - sort of. It will be for displaying my crafts that are finished and ready for selling. I don't have a website, and want to try something along with selling on Ebay. I've figured out how to use blogger, so this is the easiest route. I will post photos, descriptions, and price. Just email me, and I will send an invoice through Paypal (so you can use debit/credit cards). Or you can send money orders. I'll be working this week to get a couple items on it. The blog is
You can either bookmark it, or add me you your "follow" list so you can see updates.

Below is a project that I started for Rachel's room. She rearranged her room last weekend. So, one wall needs something on it. We went to the Goodwill store on Friday evening, and found a picture & frame. We threw out the picture (musty and smelly!), but kept the frame and glass. I painted the frame white, and now have to slightly distress the beading on it. (it has a couple rows of "beads" on the front)

Back against the wall is the glass for the frame. I primed it, then used several coats of chalkboard paint to turn it into a chalkboard for above her bed. It's a lot easier to paint the glass than to cut wood. I don't enjoy woodworking, and don't have the proper tools. So, painting is the easy way. :) The frame was $3.99, and the paint was 67 cents. I already had some primer paint and chalkboard paint. She'll have a nice large chalkboard for under $5.00. Now Matt wants me to paint a chalkboard directly onto his wall. That might be a good project for when school is out.

This afternoon we're heading to my mom's and dad's for a simple dinner for Mother's Day. Then it's back to school tomorrow. Only 4 1/2 weeks left of school!

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