Sunday, May 24, 2009

Blooms and birds

It's a nice long Memorial Day weekend! Yesterday I spent the entire day edging the backyard, pulling weeds, and spreading a little mulch. My little pink flowers bloomed in the garden. I don't know what these are, but it' s a nice small mound that does well. It isn't invasive, but it has grown in the past couple years since I planted it.

My chives bloomed, too. Pretty purple flowers. When I thin them out every couple years, the yard waste bag smells like onions! But I like that they are a little taller, and the green stay all summer long.

This is a morning dove that has built a nest under our deck. She's busy sitting on some eggs. The morning doves don't attack if we're in the backyard, so I don't mind. It's the robin that's attempting to build a nest high on the gutter that's getting me mad. The first nest blew off in a wind storm. The robin went right back and started building again. It's leaving twigs all over the patio, and poop on the siding. Yuck. Maybe I'll get out the hose the go after it! :)

The above photos were taken by Matt. Russ and Andrew have my camera, and are at a shooting match in WI this weekend. Matt gets worried that I'll take his camera, so he took photos. He's very possessive about his nice Canon Powershot A590!

I haven't done any crafting this week at all. This is my last week of lunchroom at school cashiering for ice cream, so maybe I'll have some more time in the next couple weeks. I started a cat punch needle a couple weeks ago, but need some more floss to finish it.

I got the school registration forms for next year. Since the referendum failed, they increased fees (once again). It's now going to cost $822 just to sign up for school. That doesn't include assignment notebooks, gym suits, yearbooks, home ec fees, supplies, etc. Ouch!

Have a wonderful long Memorial Day weekend!

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