Saturday, May 16, 2009

Gardens and fences

Here's my box garden in the backyard. I've decided to take photos when each flower blooms. Each year I forget what's planted, so now I'll have a record! My pink tulips are blooming, as well as some Lilly of the Valley in the front right corner.

This is the sidewalk leading to the back patio. The tulips already bloomed here. I also have some mums, purple coral bells, and some mini day lillies. I've always wanted a flowering vine, but didn't have a trellis. I got the pickets on freecycle this week, and today I screwed them into some wood (I spent a whopping $1.34 on the wood) to make a fence. I bought a clematis to climb on the fence to add some color. I'll have to buy some plastic vine holders, to help it stick to the fence - that might be more than the fence cost me.

I finished Rachel's chalkboard for her room. (her bed isn't made - it rarely is). I also hung up a photo display board that we found at Goodwill last weekend for $2.99. There wasn't even a scratch on it. It has a pretty yellow/pink floral print fabric. It picks up the pink accents in her room.

We put up the shelf I had painted. Now to decide on what to put on the shelf and the pegs.

Too bad I don't have photos or a video of my "hot" son, Andrew. He went to youth group this week, and the game/activity was trying different hot/spicy foods. It started out mild, and worked the way up to 11 different items. The last was drop of Mad Dog's Revenge. Andrew went and did all 11 levels!

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