Sunday, May 3, 2009

Crow on a vintage grater

I finished this primitive punch needle. I love the look of hooked rugs (but don't have hardwood floors, so I don't have any), so I drew up this crow and punched it using 6 strands of floss. I even tried something different with the Valdani thread, and used 3 strands of that together (not the 3 strand floss, but the regular Valdani in the large spool). The effect is very textured and prim. He goes on Ebay tonight.

Today Russ and I went to the Kane County Flea Market this afternoon. We hadn't gone in years. It was such a beautiful day, that it was nice to enjoy the outdoors. The Kane County Market is a lot of antiques, along with the usual flea market items. (gotta love those people selling socks next to some really nice antique furniture!) I ended up buying a couple more vintage graters for future projects. Russ bought a vintage shooting jacket. He thought it was worth more than the person was asking, and is taking chance of selling it - after he cleans it up. There's another one on Ebay for $275. I doubt we would get that for it, but who knows! I'll have to put the flea market on the calendar for next month to see what we find.

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