Friday, December 26, 2008

Twas the day after Christmas and all through the house...

Rachel spent Christmas Eve cleaning her room. It looks so nice when it's picked up! I stenciled some scattered daisys on one wall a week ago. It's very subtle since it's done only in white.
After church, and the kids were all in bed, the gifts were arranged under the tree. As the kids grow older, the packages get smaller, but more expensive.

Andrew was the first one up - at 5:45 am. He grabbed some breakfast since he was hungry- always hungry. I told them they had to wait until 7am to get me up and open presents.

James is always happy to get more Legos!
Matt is all set with a new SD card and Kelli Picker CD.

Andrew received a Pillar CD and Ironman DVD.

He also got the Halo books that he wanted.

Matt and Rachel both got digital cameras. They now have nicer cameras than I do. I'm thinking of secretly switching them with mine, but I think they would notice!

James spent the day building his new Lego helicopter. He built the entire thing by himself.

We then went to Cheryl's for dinner. Here's some photos so Grandpa can see (he stayed home).

Matt is thrilled with his new MP3 player. He can now watch Kelli, Taylor, Carrie and Julianne.

Andrew likes his MP3 player. He prefers rock, but I do have him into Keith Urban. Andrew is getting tired after getting up so early.
James has MORE Legos!
Kung Fu Panda, too!

Rachel's MP3 player!

Today it's off to the eye doctor for Rachel. She's asking for contacts this year. Since she wears her glasses ALL the time, we'll see if she's ready for contacts.

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