Thursday, December 4, 2008

After Thanksgiving, we put out our Christmas trees. This is our downstairs tree in the family room. I just put on the lights, and the kids put on ALL of the ornies! It's nice they are old enough to help out. Our stockings are hung and waiting to be filled (with chocolate!).

On Tuesday night, we had the Cub Scout meeting at our house. They made Christmas cookies and decorated them. It's not a neat job by any means, but they had fun.
In my dining room, I filled my strainer with some gingers and hang tag ~ so cute!
We also put up our tree in the living room upstairs. I still need to make a tree skirt for this tree, but don't know what to make. I want something different than the quilted one downstairs. For now, a tablecloth wrapped around will do.
We had our first measurable snow that stuck on Sunday night. James couldn't wait to get outside and play. He made a fort with some sleds in the bushes. I think he's part Eskimo!

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